InsuranceSplash Customer Referral Program

customer referral program

We hope you'd recommend us regardless...

But we'd still like to show our appreciation when you do:


First Referral

refer one client

Receive a credit for one free month of your website service.*

Second Referral

refer two clients

Receive a credit for two free months of your website service.*

3+ Referrals

refer three or more clients

Receive a credit for three free months of your website service.*


* Although we appreciate all referrals, the referred person must become a paying client to receive service credits.

What happens after I submit the referral?

Your referral will receive 1 email from us explaining that you're a customer of ours and you have recommended our services to them.

The email we send to your referral will include a link to your website along with a link to our site for more information about what we offer.

If your referral signs up we'll do our absolute best to take care of them. We want every referred client to be forever grateful of the person who referred them!

How will I get credit for the referral?

Our signup form asks people who they were referred by. We also cross check all new signups with the submissions on the form above and we ask new clients if they were referred by anyone.

If we still don't catch your referral please let us know. We love thanking clients for referrals!

Anything Else I Should Know?

If there's any way you can avoid it, please don't send any jerks. We like growing and love helping more agents but we try really hard to keep our book of business full of agents we enjoy working with... like you.

If you know they're an a**hole, send them to a competitor! ;)