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Dear Insurance Professional:

My name is John Carroll and I'm the CEO and founder of InsuranceSplash. I'd like to personally welcome you to my website and explain what InsuranceSplash is, why I started this website, and what you can expect here.

What is InsuranceSplash?

InsuranceSplash is a website developed to help insurance agents market themselves and their agencies more successfully. We have free articles about marketing, free tools to help manage your facebook page, free instant marketing analysis, and many other great free resources.

We offer a few paid products and services like insurance seo training and insurance agency websites but my focus is to be the most trusted resource insurance professionals can rely on for marketing guidance.

Why did I start InsuranceSplash?

As an insurance agency consultant I was blessed with the opportunity to work directly with hundreds of insurance agents over many years. Through direct observations I came to four profound conclusions:

  1. It's getting harder and harder to successfully market an insurance agency every day.
  2. Your insurance carriers are far more concerned about their bottom line than yours.
  3. Agents are pounded with marketing offers but knowing what really works is nearly impossible.
  4. There is no independent resource an agent can trust to provide unbiased, honest and effective advice about insurance marketing.

I started InsuranceSplash to be the one independent resource insurance agents can trust in the otherwise complicated and unforgiving world of insurance marketing.

What can you expect from InsuranceSplash?

You can expect honest and unbiased insurance marketing ideas, tools, services, and other resources to help you be successful in the world of insurance marketing.

Place your trust in me to keep you updated with the latest Google and Facebook updates, new ideas to make the phone ring, marketing products that actually work, and anything else you need to know as an insurance professional without the B.S.

Connect with us.

There are a variety of ways you can connect with InsuranceSplash to stay informed of everything you need to know about insurance marketing and I strongly suggest you click one of these three buttons right now so you won't miss an opportunity to make money.

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I promise that everything we do at InsuranceSplash will be with consideration of and appreciation for your bottom line.

I dare you to ask your carriers to make the same promise.


I want to be your trusted partner,


John F. Carroll
InsuranceSplash Owner