10 Email Signature Ideas for Insurance Agents

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I like marketing you never have to think about that happens automatically.

Don’t you?

Your email signature another great opportunity for automated marketing.

If you don’t already know, an email signature is a message that your email system automatically adds to the bottom of every email you send.

Email signatures are traditionally used to prevent you from re-typing your contact information over and over but they present an awesome opportunity for savvy agents like you to put insurance marketing on auto-pilot.

If you only send 5 emails a day that’s still 1,300 marketing opportunities you could lose or gain this year!

Here’s 10 great ideas to help you automatically add more marketing to every email you send…

1) Link to Your “Get a Quote” Page

I’m assuming somewhere on your agency website (or the website of the carrier you write for) there is a page people can visit, fill in their information, and get a qutoe.

Link to that page!

I recommend using a strong call to action.  “Click Here to Get a Free Insurance Quote” is not as good as “Overpaying for Insurance? Click Here to Find Out!”

2 ) Refer a Friend

Do you have a page on your website allowing people to refer a friend?

You could link to it in your signature, but I’ve never been convinced it’s a great email signature strategy because you’re asking someone to leave their email inbox (where all their friend’s contact information is) to go somewhere else.

What about using something like this instead:

“Have a friend that wants to save money?  Forward this email to them with my contact information and your honest thoughts about my services. Your friend will thank you for saving money and I’ll thank you for the compliment.”

I know it’s a bit long… shorten it up for your signature.

3) Link to Your Social Profiles

Grow your Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, or LinkedIn Connections with simple links to your profiles.

In addition to growing your social network, this also helps strengthen connections because even if people don’t connect with you they can still learn more about your agency and get social proof when they see all the other people who are connected with you.

Don’t just link to the profiles, explain why they should connect with you.

4) Ask Me How… 

Try being a bit mysterious and start a sales conversation with something like:

“Ask me how I saved $7,000 in 5 minutes” or “Ask me how to get free insurance for life”.

I think you get the idea. Just come up with something better than those examples…

You’ll want something that anyone on earth would have a hard time not asking about.

5) Funny Quotes

If you’re going to use a quote don’t do inspirational, do funny.

We all get enough inspirational quotes from people on Facebook that think they’re saving the world one status update at a time.

Try to inspire me and I’ll probably just resent you, but make me laugh and I’ll like you, trust you, and probably buy from you.

Check out this website for lots of funny email signature quotes.

6) Use Tools

If you want your signatures to be a more dynamic, there’s a company called Wisestamp that helps you create dynamic email signatures that automatically insert stuff like your latest tweet, random quotes, or “this day in history” info.

It does a lot more cool stuff too but I haven’t signed up for it yet so if you have any feedback please add it to the comments below.

7) Link to a YouTube Video

If you’ve made a video about your agency or you have a funny commercial from one of the carriers you write for link to it in your signature.

Here’s another idea though, what about filming yourself doing a 60 second “about me”, “my guarantee” or “my philosophy” video?

You could sit at your desk and make the whole thing on your iPhone and upload it to YouTube. The less perfect it is, the more genuine it will appear.

It would also separate your emails from the fifteen other ones your insurance leads are getting.

Or check out some ideas from what these other agents are doing on YouTube.

8) Startling Insurance Fact

Keep in mind that what’s startling to an insurance agent isn’t necessarily startling to normal people.

Something like: “Did you know 22% of drivers in our state are uninsured or underinsured? or “Is your UM coverage stacked” will probably be ignored by everyone.

But something like,  “Average apartment fire claim: $21,000; Average renter’s insurance policy: $.75 a day” might pique someone’s interest.

It’s easier to get someone’s attention when you’re talking about their money.

9) Link to Online Reviews

More positive online reviews for your insurance agency on Google, Yelp, Yahoo Local, and others can boost your search rankings and increase phone calls because you look more trustworthy.

If you’re very confident in the quality of your service,  add links directly to those profiles to make it easy for people to give you a review.

WARNING: You’ll want to erase these links from your signature prior to sending any emails to unsatisfied clients.

10) Don’t Overdo It

You might like all these ideas, but don’t do all of them.

If  you give people too many options they’ll just ignore everything.

There’s another downside you might not even thinkg of:  Adding too many links in your signature will make it more likely that your email messages end up in recipients’ SPAM folder.

Sure you can have more than one link, but more than 3 is probably not wise.

Other Ideas?

Have more great signature ideas or questions about any of these? I’d love if you shared them in the comments below!

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John F. Carroll

John F. Carroll is the founder and CEO of InsuranceSplash. For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents. If you're an agent, connect with John on LinkedIn, he wants to connect with you!

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  • Kudakwashe Tafangombe


    Thanks you so much for the advice.My concern then is i’m in Africa and some of your ideas and models might not be applicable to our situation.Why dont you take a keen intrest in Africa i’m sure i will benefit a lot.I’ve just started in this industry.


    • John F. Carroll


      That’s a really great idea Kudakwashe! I don’t have any plans in the near future to write about international marketing or things specific to Africa but I’d be really interested in doing so in the future. Where in Africa are you located and what type of insurance do you sell?


  • Kenny


    For signature i use Brandmymail ( http://www.brandmymail.com ), which has full control over email signature and overall template :)


    • John F. Carroll


      Took some time to check out this service and it seems pretty cool. Thanks for sharing Kenny!


  • Danny


    Thanks for the ideas in the post! I use WiseStamp for over a year now and it brings a lot of attention to my signature from clients – I luv it. I use the paid version, but been using the free version for a while and it is great and useful as well. I’d def recommend checking it out


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