How to Get Your Contact Info In Your Client’s Phone Instantly

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qr-code-address-book-insuranceGetting your contact information into a client’s cell phone is a huge marketing opportunity for insurance agents.

Clients with your contact info in their phone:

  1. Refer you more since they always have your contact info handy.
  2. Have a better customer experience since they’ll call you before a small problem becomes a big problem.
  3. Buy more lines of insurance because they’ll call you about another coverage before it slips their mind.
  4. Have smoother claims because they’ll be able to reach you throughout the claim process if there’s a concern. (especially right after it happens)
  5. And they renew more because they feel a closer bond with your agency

The customer’s connection with your agency strengthens each time they see your name in their address book right next to the friends and family!

Cool iPhone Trick for Insurance Agents to Improve Service & Sales

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iphone-contact-share-for-insurance-salesThe easier it is for clients and prospects to contact you the better.


And if all your contact info is stored in their phone that makes it pretty easy.

Also right?

What’s NOT easy is getting a client or prospect to type your information into their address book.

Last night I found a cool feature on my iPhone that can make it dead-simple for insurance agents to get into their client’s cell phones.

It’s not top-secret and you might already know your phone can do this.

But I think this iPhone capability can be incredibly powerful if used right for insurance agents so I wanted to share it with you.

7 Myths & Monsters All Insurance Agents Should Fear

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Special thanks to Dan Weedin for contributing today’s article. Learn more about Mr. Weedin in his bio below this article.


I’ve been working closely with insurance agents as a coach and mentor for the past 8 ½ years and one thing is clear to me.

Agents and brokers are leaving money and clients on the table because they fall victim to 7 insidious myths and monsters that lurk in the bushes.

These monsters have always been hanging around (even when I was selling insurance), yet like zombies, they can change and morph with time and technology (zombies do that, right?).

Our Latest Free Insurance Marketing Tool for Agents

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insurance-agency-marketing-analysis-250Hello, It’s John from InsuranceSplash.

And I’m very excited to announce the launch of my latest free marketing tool for insurance agents.

Thought it’d be good to announce it and provide some answers about how it works here on the blog.

Just Wanna Go Try It? Click Here

What is it?

It’s a free online tool that asks questions about your current agency marketing strategy and generates a custom PDF report with ideas, suggestions, and action plans specific to your needs.

I call it the Insurance Agency Marketing Analysis.

Sell More Insurance Using Social Proof: 29 Clever Sales Tricks

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social-proof-sellingMost people don’t understand insurance.

They don’t want to.

But buying the wrong insurance could cost thousands of dollars.

And when we need to make an important decision we don’t fully understand, we all do the same thing.

We do what we think everyone else did.

Social proof tells us what everyone else is doing so we can make the same decision and (hopefully) avoid a mistake.

15 Ways to Get Your Insurance Agency Shared on Other Facebook Pages

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agent-recommendationI saw something on Facebook last week that put a huge smile on my face.

I was reading through my news feed and saw a post from one of my personal connections about an amazing customer experience with their insurance agent.

It was a glowing endorsement from someone who called their agent about a rate hike and wound up saving money.

(I have no idea what she gave up but that’s not the point here)

As of right now, that post has received 21 likes, 8 comments and I’d guess it’s probably been seen by over 1,000 people in Syracuse where the agent does business.  (my beloved, but not missed, hometown).

The Most Important Question About Your Insurance Agency

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insurance-agent-motivationAbout 7 months ago I watched a presentation by Simon Sinek that changed my perspective about business forever.

In fact, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now if I hadn’t.

It was my inspiration for starting this blog and a number of other projects over the past 7 months that have grown the awareness of my brand, InsuranceSplash, tremendously.

It’s so rare to come across advice that is so simple and profound at the same time.

I just had to share it with you.

Screen Sharing for Insurance Agency Sales, Service and Productivity

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screen-sharing-insuranceSharing is caring.

At least that’s what my 3 year old likes to say.

I don’t know if she’s right but I haven’t had a bowl of ice cream to myself in months.

This article isn’t about ice cream though, it’s about sharing.

Screen sharing…

I’ve been using a free online tool to share my computer screen with people in other parts of the world and I am so blown away by how easy and quick it is…

I had to share it with you.

Before you get skeptical know this: The free version of the tool is all you’ll ever need and I have absolutely zero connection with this company, other than I really value their tool and think it could come in handy for insurance agents like you.

How to Find and Fix Your Insurance Agency’s Biggest Challenges

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insurance-agency-problems-questionnaireAsk your staff.

That’s the main idea here.

Wait… there’s more.

I wanted to make the process effective and easy so I developed a resource and a plan for any insurance agent to use.

I created this plan with three main principles in mind:

  1. Simple solutions to your agency’s biggest problems deliver the best ROI.
  2. Your staff knows A LOT about your agency’s challenges.
  3. Changes in your agency work better with buy-in from the staff.