Hiring Producers – 25 Tips to Hire Top Insurance Salespeople

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Insurance Marketing with John Carroll - PodcastIn this 21st episode of Insurance Marketing, I share 25 tips to hire the best insurance salespeople into your agency.

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Listen to this episode to find out:

  • The two biggest reasons experienced producers are less attractive to hire for your agency.
  • The job applicants you absolutely must avoid at all costs.
  •  Who’s really better at sales? Extroverts or introverts?
  • How to do a simple and free background check on social media.
  • Why you absolutely MUST test your applicants’ computer skills before hiring anyone and exactly how to do it.
  • Why limiting your candidate pool only to people with an insurance license is a mistake.
  • 6 reasons why a local employee is better than someone who lives far away.
  • How to extend your job interviews by 6 months.
  • The most revealing question to ask applicants during a job interview.
  • Why you should only hire people who are making a career advancement by coming into your agency.
  • What to avoid when asking friends if they know anyone to work in your agency.
  • Why the best candidates to sell insurance in your agency are not selling insurance right now.

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I hope this show gives you an idea or two that’ll help bring in the best talent to your agency. If you want to let me know how you feel about this podcast, click here to leave a 5 star review on iTunes. Every time I see a new 5 star review in there, I sneak into my neighbor’s backyard and do 100 backflips on his trampoline. Don’t worry, he has great homeowner’s insurance. ;)

Hope this helps,

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John F. Carroll

John F. Carroll is the founder and CEO of InsuranceSplash. For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents. If you're an agent, connect with John on LinkedIn, he wants to connect with you!

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  • Justin



    I’ve been a fan of yours for years now. I’ve spoken to groups in many different states around the country and am constantly referring agents to your site. This podcast is just one example as to why I send people your way. Keep up the great work.

    Justin K.


    • John F. Carroll


      Thank YOU Justin! Hit me up if you’re ever down in Miami and we’ll have a coffee or beer or something. Thanks!


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