Sell Value Instead of Price: 14 Actionable Steps for Insurance Agents

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Insurance Marketing with John Carroll - PodcastIn this episode of Insurance Marketing with John Carroll I discuss 14 actionable ways to adjust your sales conversations to sell value instead of price.

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Listen to this episode to find out:

  • The simple question that forces prospects to explain to you (and to themselves) why they usually buy on value instead of price.
  • The question that forces prospects to think about the value of having good claims experiences.
  • The discreet way to get prospects thinking ahead about the value of working with a local agent after the sale.
  • How educating clients and prospects brings your value to the forefront of the conversation.
  • How to make the client understand you’re an expert about saving them money.
  • Ways to bring your experience into the conversation in a way that emphasizes it’s value.
  • How to show clients a key value difference between buying from a local agent and a call center
  • How to discuss the value of your experience even when you have none.
  • Why you need to explain that having an agent helps you save money.
  • How to bring up the value of your own licenses and continuing education.
  • The follow-up question to ask during claim experience conversations that drives home your value.
  • How to get your client’s thinking about the potential costs of NOT buying from you.
  • How to identify the most important benefits to every individual prospect.
  • Why discussing every feature and benefit of a policy is a mistake and how to avoid it.
  • How making it easy for clients to get discounts brings value to the table.

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Resources mentioned in this podcast include:

  1. Article about how to talk about discounts more.
  2. Read the 14 Actionabl Tips for Selling Value Over Price Here

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