YouTube Insurance Marketing Ideas: 10 Funny Insurance Agent Videos

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youtube-marketing-insurance-agentsVideo marketing is expensive.

Video marketing is difficult.

Video marketing is impossible.

False, False, False.

You don’t need to graduate from film school to create a  fun or interesting video to help market your insurance agency.

Here’s 10 insurance agent YouTube videos that will prove that it’s not expensive, it’s not difficult, and it’s far from impossible.

9 Insurance Agent Social Media Tips That Are Total Bull Sh*t

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social-media-mythsThere’s no shortage of “experts” with social media marketing advice for insurance agents.

Too bad most of it is bull sh*t.

And since I see this BS every day I figured it be a good idea to point it out so you don’t step in it.

There’s a lot of reasons for all the bad advice out there, but it’s mostly based on a few bull sh*t assumptions:

31 Ways to Make Your Insurance Agency the Happiest Place on Earth

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selling-insurance-can-be-funFor my first job out of college I sold long-distance phone service door-to-door.

I marched under the hot Albuquerque sun cold-calling on 50-100 businesses a day who couldn’t care less about long-distance and didn’t hesitate to tell me.

I wore Underarmour shirts so I wouldn’t sweat through my suit while driving to my territory in an AC-deprived ’95 Ford Aspire.

Want to know why I was able to keep selling day after day, week after week, month after month?

It was the most fun company I ever worked for.

21 Ways to Use Signs In Your Agency to Sell More Insurance

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in-agency-signage-insuranceI’d like to introduce you to one of the most effective, affordable, and versatile tools in your insurance agency marketing arsenal:

The clear plastic sign.

(It’s also one of the most overlooked tools)

Clear plastic signs can convert any old piece of paper into a marketing message that automatically speaks to everyone who walks in your door!

You can get them online for under 10 bucks or maybe even cheaper over at your office supply store. To save further still, you can get mesh banners – which are a little flimsier, but still much better than no advertising at all!

I know most agencies already have these signs, but how much thought have you put into them?

Slash Your Insurance Marketing Budget With This Secret Weapon

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Can you imagine having your own personal team of graphic artists, web designers, video producers, content creators, actors, translators, comedians, writers, and other marketing professionals at your disposal for 5 bucks?

You do!  It’s one of my secret marketing weapons and you can use it to reduce your insurance marketing budget.

I’m referring to a website called and I’ve been a customer for a couple years now.

Not only is Fiverr fun, it’s very valuable for insurance agents and I want to show you how it works, give you a few ideas to use Fiverr to market your agency, and let you know about a few mistakes I’ve made to save you a few bucks.

I’ve also added a free downloadable bonus video that you can use to market your agency for free with no strings attached!

What is Fiverr?

When Selling Insurance Sucks… These Songs Will Help.

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Let’s face it, sometimes selling insurance really sucks.

We’ve all had days when it feels like you just can’t catch a break. Your leads are crappy, nobody answers your calls,  your appointments all cancel and then underwriting sends an email to let you know they just rejected the biggest policy you wrote last month!

Trying to sell insurance when you’re feeling down is just a waste of time.  So if going home isn’t an option for you, pop in your headphones or turn up the speakers so the whole office can listen because here’s a bunch of songs that will lift your spirits and help you get another referral, x-date, or sale!!!

1. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

How to Be a Thought Leader in the Insurance Sales Industry

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insurance-industry-thought-leadersHi. This is John Carroll.

Until very recently I’ve been the only writer here on the InsuranceSplash blog and I’m amazed how quickly it has grown.

For example, the article I published last Tuesday was read by over 1,000 people in 24 hours.

One year ago this blog didn’t even exist!

I attribute this incredible growth to two things:

  1. Providing actionable ideas and strategies.
  2. Kind readers (like you) sharing content with colleagues.

If it weren’t for readers like you, this resource wouldn’t exist.