The Insurance Agency Facebook Marketing Strategy That Works

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insurance-agency-facebook-marketing-strategyA lot of insurance agents are frustrated with Facebook.

They ask me things like:

  • “What can I post about insurance that’s interesting?”
  • “Where will I find the time to do all this?”
  • “How is this going to get me more quotes?”

These are all valid concerns and to be 100% honest with you, I think a lot of insurance agents will never crack that code.

Developing a Facebook page about insurance that people actually care about is a HUGE challenge that can take A LOT of time.

That’s why I wanted to teach you a Facebook marketing strategy that:

  • Anyone can follow.
  • Takes very little time.
  • Will get you more local exposure.
  • Will get you more local connections.
  • And… it’s NOT about finding or creating interesting content!

Got your attention? I hope so!

The gameplan I’m offering here is a paradigm shift away from how you’ve been told to use Facebook (as a business).

So much Facebook marketing advice is about pretending your businesses is the center of the universe.

It’s not.

They say if you create a fun, exciting, and engaging Facebook page people will come in droves.

Not true.

That’s like opening a new insurance agency and waiting inside for people to come!

I want you to put down the broken megaphone and start using Facebook to listen and communicate instead.

And I’ve made it easy for you!

The key to this strategy is to Use Facebook as your agency the way you use Facebook as yourself.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain…

First, What Does It Mean to Use Facebook as My Agency?

Using Facebook as your agency is very similar to using Facebook as yourself, except that anything you do will be attributed to your agency, not you.

When you click the like button on a post people will see “ABC Insurance Agency likes this” instead of “Joe Smith likes this”

When you comment on something it’ll show your agency’s name and profile picture next to your comment instead of your smiling mug.

You’ll also have a separate news feed that is full of updates from the pages you liked as your agency, not the ones you personally like.

How Do I Use Facebook As My Agency

1. Go to your agency page. (login if you’re not already)

2. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and choose “Use Facebook as” and select your agency’s page. (if you don’t see it there, you’re not an administrator on the page)


3. That’s it, now you’re using Facebook “as your agency”. Until you switch back, everything you do on FB will be attributed to your agency page.

(to switch back to yourself just follow the same directions.)

What Can I Do on Facebook as My Agency That’s So Valuable?

1) Create a Newsfeed that helps you run your business.

Your agency’s Facebook newsfeed delivers the most up-to-date posts about the business and organization pages that you’ve “liked”.

By liking as many local businesses and organizations as possible, your agency feed becomes a “listening center” for all things related to the local community and all your professional connections. (and don’t forget to like my FB page as your agency too!)

Once you’re using FB as your agency, just click the FB icon in the top left corner to access the agency’s newsfeed and you’ll get an ever-evolving list of updates to interact with as your agency!

2) Generate goodwill from your agency.

There’s a lot of local businesses just like you that want more likes on their pages and love getting likes when they post to Facebook.

You can also make positive and supportive comments about local charities and businesses and spread the word about their events on your Facebook wall.

You’re building up tons of positive local karma without spending a dime!

3) Get free exposure

When you like or comment another business’s post, the people that follow that business may see your agency name below the post and can even click a link right to your agency’s page!

Stay 100% positive and don’t even come close to appearing like you’re just in it for the exposure.

4) Maintain networking connections

When you meet someone at a networking event (or anywhere else), like their business Facebook page as your agency.

Every now and then “like” their posts and make a positive comment.

You can stay top of mind with very little effort!

5) Stay informed about your community.

Chances are you wouldn’t want to “like” the Facebook page of every local business and organization with your personal account because it’d make your Facebook newsfeed too cluttered.

With your agency’s newsfeed, however, you could like everything in your community and NEVER miss out on a local community event or news that you should know about.

6) Connect with new people

The comments of a post on another business’s Facebook page is a fantastic place to communicate with and meet new people.

You could even just click the “like” button on other people’s comments if they say something you like!

Next time they need insurance they just might remember you’re the insurance agency that liked their comment on the pizzaria’s page.

7) Get PR credit for the agency

If you’re already involved in any charity work in the community on an individual basis you can use your agency’s Facebook page to like and comment on that organization’s Facebook page instead of your personal one.

You’re already making the contribution, let the agency get credit for it.

8) Write positive reviews

You can write on other business’s walls with positive reviews. Your comments should show up in the “Recent Posts by Others” section.

And what’s great about Facebook is no one expects you to write more than a sentence or two.

A Few Rules of Etiquette:

1) DO NOT EVER post on another business’s page about your company. It’s their page, keep it about them.

2) DO NOT EVER post anything controversial or negative as your agency. You’re representing your business and anything you write on Facebook as a business could be seen by the public.

3) DO NOT EVER get caught looking like you’re trying to steal someone else’s audience for your exposure. Just keep everything positive and not about you and it’ll be fine.

4) DO NOT OVERDO IT – Don’t like every post of every business every day or it’ll be obvious you’re just trying to SPAM Facebook with your agency page.  You can engage frequently with pages that have a lot of activity, but don’t be the only “liker” of a company’s posts time after time.

Here’s an Actionable Game Plan:

After switching to use Facebook as your agency:

1) Like all the company pages of your biggest commercial clients.

2) Like as many local non-profit organizations as you can think of.

3) Like all the biggest local businesses (the more fans they have the better).

4) Go through your LinkedIn connections and like all their Facebook pages.

5) Like the Facebook page of the following organizations

  • Local Chamber(s) of Commerce
  • Local city government pages
  • Local library
  • Local transportation/highway department
  • Local police and fire department
  • Local farmer’s market
  • Local community event committees
  • Local sports organizations
  • And any other local Facebook page you can think of.

6) Use your newly created newsfeed once or twice a week to like posts, make comments, and find information of interest to share on your own Facebook page.

Yes, it’s still work.  But all you need to do is react to other people’s content and spread positive messages!

The pressure is entirely off of you!

Over time, you’ll also learn what works for other businesses so you can copy their work with your own audience.

And one last thing…

If you’re excited about a Facebook marketing strategy that allows you to connect with more of your community faster and easier than what you’re doing now, would you do me a couple favors?

  • Click the Like button so I know you’re going to use this strategy.
  • And share a link to this page with another agent or sales manager who could benefit from it.

And if you have any questions, comments, or new ideas please use the comments below!


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John F. Carroll

John F. Carroll is the founder and CEO of InsuranceSplash. For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents. If you're an agent, connect with John on LinkedIn, he wants to connect with you!

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  • Umberto


    This is absolutely incredible to me. It’s so simple and makes so much more sense than what I’ve been doing. Thanks again!


  • Debbie


    Thanks for the valuable reminders. Getting likes on the insurance page has been quite a challenge. Looking forward to following you!


  • Tim D'Angelo


    Great to see a marketing plan for insurance and facebook. Starting to doubt if the two actually go together. I think its important on not just Facebook, but Linkedin and Google+ to just join the conversation without spam. I think that is a great point you made. Maybe someone will click on your profile and need your services. I’m still not sold on insurance and facebook but if there is an insurance agency out there having great success on facebook that is not a content marketer or b2b, I would love to see their facebook page.
    John, any future posts on Google+ and insurance? Would love to see something on it.


    • John F. Carroll


      Great points Tim, Thanks! I have my doubts too and I think there’s a lot of irresponsible “marketing experts” out there pushing FB down the throat of agents who will never make it work like Old Spice does.

      Like these “experts” who tell agents to update their page as often as possible… Are you kidding? People want to read about ways to save on insurance three times a week?

      Yes there are exceptions, but most insurance agents don’t have the time or creativity to be that engaging.

      I want agents to take a different approach… ask themselves, “How can FB compliment or amplify my other marketing with the least possible effort… it should support everything else; it’s not a be-all end-all solution.

      The good thing about FB though… is that everybody’s on it (and using it). Can’t say the same about G+ and Linkedin

      About Google Plus though, I don’t have any plans in the works but I really should. Since Google controls how people find new insurance agents (search results) and they want to reward businesses for using their social network, I think there’s a lot of untapped opportunity over there. You’ve got me thinking, Tim. Thanks!



  • George Paterson, Jr.


    Good article,looking forward to more.


  • Pamela Manuel


    Thank you for sharing this valuable information!.


  • Tiffany


    Very helpful tips! Thank you for sharing!


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