How to Get Your Contact Info In Your Client’s Phone Instantly

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qr-code-address-book-insuranceGetting your contact information into a client’s cell phone is a huge marketing opportunity for insurance agents.

Clients with your contact info in their phone:

  1. Refer you more since they always have your contact info handy.
  2. Have a better customer experience since they’ll call you before a small problem becomes a big problem.
  3. Buy more lines of insurance because they’ll call you about another coverage before it slips their mind.
  4. Have smoother claims because they’ll be able to reach you throughout the claim process if there’s a concern. (especially right after it happens)
  5. And they renew more because they feel a closer bond with your agency

The customer’s connection with your agency strengthens each time they see your name in their address book right next to the friends and family!

I’m going to help you build a cool tool for importing all your agency contact information to your client’s phone instantly.

This technique requires that the smartphone has a QR Code Reader app installed so it’s not going to work for everyone.¬†When it works though, it’s really cool!

First, What is a QR Code?

qr-codeA Quick Response (QR) Code is a square with information embedded into it’s design.

It’s like a square UPC code but instead of holding information about a product, it transmits information helpful to someone on a smartphone.

When someone with a QR Code app scans the code using the phone’s camera, it gives them secret information that helps them accomplish something on their smartphone.

A QR Code can take someone right to a webpage without typing all the letters, it can call a number without typing in the numbers, or a lot of other things like the trick I’m going to teach you today to input all your contact information right into their address book!

Everyone doesn’t already have a QR Code app on their phone but there are tons of free ones available. Here’s a link to the one I use on my iPhone

Here’s The Sign I’ll Show You How To Build:


When customers scan the QR Code they can add all your details instantly. (If you have a QR Code reader you can actually scan the image above to see how it works.)

5 Steps to Create This Sign in 10 Minutes (Plastic Case Not Included)

Step 1: Go to the QR Code Generator website by CLICKING HERE. (link opens in new window)

Step 2: In the left side click “Contact” and then fill in your agency contact information.


Step 3: Save your QR Code image file to your computer by clicking the blue “Save” button. I recommend PNG file format.

Step 4: CLICK HERE to download the Microsoft Word template file I created for you to use. Open it and follow the instructions to add your newly created QR Code.

Step 5: Print the Word document, you’re done.

The Big Picture

While I hope you find value in this tutorial and are able to build a sign or flyer like this one, the bigger picture is to see how QR Codes might be used for agency marketing.

Hopefully you’re starting to get some ideas…

Anyway, if you have questions about QR Codes or other ideas about using QR Codes for insurance marketing I would LOVE it if you used the comments below.

And Finally…

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And if you know any other agents or marketing folks that might be interested in this tutorial, please email them a link.

And to wrap up with some fun, here’s a secret little message from me to you:



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John F. Carroll

John F. Carroll is the founder and CEO of InsuranceSplash. For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents. If you're an agent, connect with John on LinkedIn, he wants to connect with you!

Comments (5)

  • Ed Dulgar


    We love this idea and have put QR codes on our business cards. This way they can be individualized (name, direct dial number), but still contain all the general agency information also.
    Ed Dulgar
    Brown & Brown of Ohio, LLC


  • dd


    WOW!! this was awesome…it really worked!! thank you for this great tip!! the only question i have is that i guess everyone has different QR Code App…because the URL didn’t show up when we did it or the email address??? love to know why? thanks for sharing!


    • John F. Carroll


      Hi DD,

      Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m not totally sure about the answer to your question but here’s a couple possible solutions:

      1. 1 – I would try different formats of the web address. (with or without the http:// and www etc)
      2. 2 – You could try a different email address, including maybe a personal email that someone checks regularly and would never be a problem for a customer to have.
      3. 3 – You could also try a different QR Code Generator. I recommended the one I linked to in the article because it seems to be the simplest, but others might work better. I recommend going to Google and searching for “qr code generator” and try a bunch from the first page. I don’t know enough about exactly how they work so they might all give you the exact same design but it’s worth a shot.

      If you have any luck with any of these solutions, would you mind posting back to the comments here to help anyone else with the same problem?

      Thanks and good luck!


  • Yen


    Wow john….thus is the best post I hv read. I try it and its really helps a lot.


  • Kelly Spies


    I agree wholeheartedly. I made a qr code for myself and another for my agency a little over a year ago. This is especially good to have when you set up at tradeshows or host luncheons and things. I’d be curious to know how everyone else uses their code.


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