Setting Insurance Sales Goals That Work (With Free Template)

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setting-insurance-sales-goalsI think most sales goals suck.

That’s not totally true. I just wanted your attention.

(Hey, at least I’m honest.)

But I do think most sales goals are totally incomplete.

You see, most of us have a tendency to set goals based on the ultimate outcome.

For example

  • I want to sell X policies this month.
  • I want to make X dollars this year.
  • I want to open another agency in 5 years.

Sound familiar?

These are all great goals since you need to know where you’re going to get anywhere.

But there’s trouble with these types of goals:

  • They falsely assume you (or the people you’re setting them for) know HOW to achieve them.
  • They can be dependent on factors outside your control which is discouraging.
  • They’re often too far into the future to be effective.
  • And they completely ignore what you need to do to achieve them!

Here’s a new and effective approach to setting insurance sales goals and I made it easy by creating a FREE WORD TEMPLATE ¬†you can download.

Here’s How it Works:

The idea I’m presenting is that you need two different types of goals:

  1. End Result Goals
  2. Daily/Weekly BehaviorGoals to get you there.

The “End Result Goals” are important because we need to have something to shoot for.

The “Daily or Weekly Behavior Goals” are important because they simplify the execution of the goals and keep us on track day to day.

What would a discussion about goals be if there wasn’t a whiteboard involved?

Here’s my beautiful illustration of the gripping tale of two producers who want to sell 30 policies this month.


(And now you understand why I dropped out of architecture grad school.)

Okay, I get it. But that sounds like a lot of work.

Yes it is.

But here’s two points to consider:

  1. The work you do setting the goals is an investment in saving you time, making your daily life easier, and actually achieving your goals in the future.
  2. And I did it for you.

Thought you might like #2. ;)

I put together a Word document with a sampling of daily or weekly behavior goals that are relevant to an insurance salesperson.

It’s a Word document because I want you to edit it and make it your own.

Click This Image to Download the Word Template:


Thanks. Is there anything else should I know about this document?


It’s just a starting point.

You can take the ideas I put on there and use it exactly, but I think you’ll get far more benefit from really customizing it to your own situation.

Thanks, but I wouldn’t really use a document like this.

That’s cool. (I might not either)

But I still challenge you to take the main idea, which is:

Don’t set “end-result” goals without setting “daily/weekly behavior” goals.

That’s the real take-away here.

In Conclusion

If you like this concept and would like to see more articles like this let me know by hitting one of the social media buttons.


If you know another agent or producer who has trouble meeting their goals and would benefit from this template or the idea of the article please share it with them.

I sincerely hope this helps you!


P.S. In case you’re wondering… Yes I did hire that dude from the UPS commercials to make this whiteboard drawing:



Just joking. :-P


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    Would love to see more for agents and producers that you have done.


    • John F. Carroll


      Thanks for sharing. I’ll take that under consideration. Thanks.


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