Get More Online Reviews for Your Insurance Agency

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I’m tired of agents telling me they have no control over whether a customer goes online and writes a review of their business.  This is FALSE!

With a little creativity, its easy to get lots of customer reviews.  Here’s 10 foolproof ways to do it today.

#1 – Ask Your Customers For a Review At Every Positive Interaction.

Getting online reviews is a lot like making a sale: if you don’t ask for it, it ain’t gonna happen. This advice probably seems very simplistic but it’s not.  The important part is to actually set the goal to ask for a review from every customer during a positive experience and do it.

Get Every Customer to Join Your Insurance Agency’s Social Network

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One of the most important signals search engines are currently using to rank insurance agencies is the social graph.  Having a big following of customers connected to you through Facebook and Twitter etc. helps your search rankings and it also improves your ability to upsell and gain referrals from your existing book of business.  It’s an all-around winner.

Let me show you how to get every customer to join your social network.

How To Use Call Tracking Numbers for Insurance Advertising

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I cringe when agents tell me about spending thousands of dollars on advertising that doesn’t generate leads.

And I’d be rich if I got a quarter every time an agent asked me: “Can you believe I spent (large number of) dollars and NOT ONE PHONE CALL?”

I’d bet all those quarters that you’ve said that yourself once or twice…

So how can you really know which advertising methods generate the most phone calls?

Of course you should ask new leads how they found you, but tracking and measuring to determine true ROI with that method is easier said than done.

The answer is cheap, easy, and accurate: use call tracking numbers.

Free Downloadable PDF To Generate Insurance Agency Yelp Reviews

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insurance-agent-yelpOnline reviews are a huge part of your agency’s visibility.

They’re becoming more important every day based on consumer shopping behavior, social media, and search engine optimization factors.

On top of that, building online reviews is a totally underutilized strategy for insurance agents!

If you don’t believe online reviews are a HUGE opportunity for your agency it’s time to pull your head out of your a** the sand.

In the past week I bought a pair of sneakers, an e-book, and a rice cooker all based user reviews and I’m not alone.

Optimize Your Insurance Agency for Apple iOS 6 Maps

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Since Apple released the latest iPhone operating system, iOS 6, last week, I have received a lot of email from frantic agents who can’t find their agency in the new maps and need my help.

I figured the agents who reached out to me represented a much larger population of agents with the same concern so I decided to write an article about how to ensure your agency is found on Apple maps.

While I’m at it, I’ll also explain how to optimize your agency to be one of the most prominent agencies in Apple maps.

15 Factors Hurting Your Insurance Agency Google Rankings

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Dear Google – Why do you hate me?

Ever wonder why your agency isn’t showing up at the top of Google’s search results? There are a lot of different things that move your agency up the ladder, but in this article I’m going to outline 15 factors known to hurt your insurance agency’s Google rankings.

Prerequisite: To understand this article, you should understand what a Google Places profile is.  If that doesn’t mean anything to you, read this first.

1 – Inconsistent Phone Numbers Across The Internet

Google wants to see only one phone number everywhere they find your agency information online. When Google sees more than one version of your phone number across the web, they lose confidence in the info they have for you and you get dropped to the bottom of the list.

The Most Valuable Links To Your Agency Website

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Getting links to your insurance agency website from other sites is a powerful way to improve your local search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s important to know, however, that all links are not created equal.  I’ve created an acronym to help you remember the best kinds of inbound links to improve your local search rankings.

The secret to local search engine rankings is building LARVA links!