19 Reasons to Contact Your New Insurance Clients

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new-customer-follow-upThis article is going to disappoint three insurance agents.

That’s because three different agents in the past three weeks asked me for an email template to follow-up with new customers.

And I’m not going to do it.

I was actually going to when I realized I couldn’t make one email (or phone script, letter, etc.) that fit every agency’s unique needs.

I also realized there are A LOT of reasons to follow-up with new insurance customers and one email isn’t going to do it.

Not even close.

So I put together a bunch of reasons you should/could follow-up with new customers and figured I’d let you work out the details.

So here’s 19 great reasons to follow-up with your new insurance clients:

1) Confirm All Paperwork Was Received

Was the client supposed to receive any paperwork (like a dec page) in the mail? Ask them if they got it and explain why.

Explaining the paperwork has a lot of benefits:

  1. It prevents confusion about what they got and whether they need to keep it.
  2. It allows you be proactive in case any needed paperwork was not received.
  3. It proves to the client you care about them just as much after the sale.
  4. It shows a tight integration between your agency and the carrier, which makes you appear more in control of their overall experience.

2) Explain What to Do in a Claim

That is why they bought insurance, right?

I always say that getting people to think about claims during the sales process is a great way to demonstrate your value to prospects but it’s just as valid for current customers too.

Provide comfort that their claims will be handled fairly and efficiently and they’ll stay with your agency longer.

3) Follow Us on Social Media

Don’t just ask them to follow you. Tell them WHY they should follow you.

And if you can’t easily explain why someone should follow any of your social media accounts then you’re probably wasting your time on social media to begin with.

Don’t forget LinkedIn. It’s probably the easiest social media connection to make with new clients because you can look up their profile and directly request the connection.

4) Purchasing Experience Survey

Ask them to fill out a brief survey about the purchasing experience. This has many benefits:

  • It makes clients think you care about their experience which helps retention
  • It helps you identify opportunities to sell better and train your staff
  • When clients can give input into your agency they feel more like they’re a part of it
  • If there were any problems you can fix them before they leave at the first renewal

If you’re looking for a good provider for email surveys check these guys out: SurveyGizmo

5) Email Newsletter Signup

If you have an opt-in newsletter for your clients a new customer follow-up is a great time to encourage clients to sign up.

Remember that just liking you isn’t enough to get people to agree to getting more emails in their inbox.

Tell them exactly what they’re going to get and why they should want it. And if you can’t give a compelling reason someone should want your emails, why on earth would you be sending them?

6) Annual Policy Review Preparation

When agents tell me it’s really hard to get clients in for a policy review I always ask what they’re doing to setup the request.

Think about it from the customer’s perspective – If you call them out of the blue asking to review their coverages it sounds like a sales tactic.

(Well it is… right?)

If you’ve already explained the reasons behind it and the importance of an annual review when customers don’t feel pressured to have one they’ll be more open to it later.

7) Explain the Referral Process

Don’t expect any referrals if you don’t ask for them.


Take some time to explain why referrals are so important to your business and why you’re always asking for them. If nothing else you’ll make it easier when your staff asks for referrals later on.

8) Ask for Online Reviews

Online reviews help your agency rank better on search engines and business directory websites. They also generate more leads because your agency looks more trustworthy and popular. Online reviews can also improve retention because the more people say nice things about you, the more they believe those nice things.

Send your clients direct links to the most important review sites to make it as easy as possible and explain why it’s important to your business.

9) Tie Up Loose Ends

Were there any loose ends that didn’t get tied up during the sales process?

  • Paperwork you need?
  • Something the client needed from you?
  • An answer to a question you were unable to answer previously?

Tie up that loose end and show them how you sweat the details. They want to see thoroughness from you since it’ll be important to them if they ever have a claim.

10) Introduce Agency Staff

Did this new client get a chance to meet everyone in your agency?

Help them feel like a part of the family and be more comfortable working with your agency by introducing them to the whole crew.

A video featuring everyone in the office would really work well.

Speaking of videos…

11) Welcome to the Agency Video

Make a simple video for all new clients that welcomes them as a client. It’s a really easy way to make every client feel very welcome.

You could address any of the other elements of this list within your video but keep this in mind:

You’re not going to want to remake the video if something you say is no longer relevant so try not to mention things that could change over time like specific procedures.

And if you’re worried about staff turnover record the video using only those people you don’t expect to leave anytime soon.

12) Explain Agency Benefits

I don’t care if you won the customer on price alone, it’s more important than ever to make sure every new customer knows all the benefits they get working with your agency while they’re a customer.

And if anyone on your staff can’t explain the benefits of your agency you should probably stop reading my list and start making your own.

13) Promote Your Upcoming Events

Does your agency have any annual events you sponsor or participate in?

Make your new clients aware of it.

Obviously you’re increasing awareness for something that helps your agency but you’re also bridging the connection between your agency and the local community in the eyes of your clients.

You’re reminding them you’re local and committed to their community.

14) Give a Free Bonus

Work with another local business to offer your new clients some kind of free bonus.

It’s best if you can tie it into something insurance related, like a free car wash, an oil change, or a home security consultation.

Work it out so the businesses you promote to your new clients are also promoting you back to theirs.

15) Ask a Personal Question

Not too personal, but people will love it when you ask something that proves you remembered your conversation with them.

  • How did Timmy do in the science fair?
  • Did you get your phone battery fixed?
  • What was that restaurant you were recommending I try?

You’re building the friendship and people tend to keep doing business with friends.

16) Plant the Seed for Upselling

Now that your new customer has had a chance to see you deliver on your promise, it might be a good time to talk to them about increased limits or coverages.

Or at least plant the seed.

Some clients are suspicious when you try to make too many changes to their current coverage during the sales process, right?

They think it some kind of trick.

Maybe a few weeks after they’ve come onboard is a better time to explain how their uninsured motorist coverage is too low and putting their family’s lives at risk.

17) Plant the Seed for Cross Sale

Mention the next product you think this client should be interested in.

It doesn’t have to be a hard sell because you’re going to get plenty more opportunities to cross-sell this client. (assuming your agency has consistent processes for cross sales)

Plant the seed so it won’t be a complete surprise when the topic of life insurance comes up at the next policy review.

18) Everything We Sell List

Every new client needs to know everything you sell because:

  • They can’t buy something from you if they don’t know you sell it.
  • They can’t buy something from you if they’ve never heard of it.
  • They can’t refer your agency for a product they don’t know you sell.

And if another agent approaches them about a product they already know you sell they’ll be less receptive to him or her.

Unless you work in Flo’s agency there are no boxes on the shelves that show people what you have to offer.

You have to tell people what you sell. (over and over)

19) Get in Their Cell Phone

Getting in your client’s cell phone makes it easier for them to refer you (more sales), contact you when they need to (better customer service) and feel more connected with your agency (better retention).

Explain why they should add your agency’s phone number to all the cell phones in their house and make it as easy as possible for them.

Explain about your agency or their carrier’s app they can download.

You can even show them to set your agency website in the bookmarks of their phone for easy access any time.

Here’s What to Do Next

  1. Decide which of these reasons to contact are most important to use with your new customers.
  2. If you want to use several break them up by the ones that fit well together and which medium works best for each (email, phone call, postcard, handwritten letter, YouTube video, etc.)
  3. Come up with a plan to make it happen and FOLLOW THROUGH!

If you know another agent struggling with first-year retention, cross-selling, or customer service make sure to share this article with them.

And if you want more content like this let me know by hitting the like button or sharing it on social media!

Hope this helps,



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