No Love for Insurance Agents At Renewal Time

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We wanted to bring a little humor to something that all insurance agents love: premium increases.

How many of this guy’s insurance complaints have you heard before? My guess is ALL OF THEM!!!

If you’ve got some more funny lines to share please add them to the comments below.

Video Transcript:

So my insurance has gone up by $2.19… I’m angry!

I don’t understand why, really… I just don’t get why

I’ve never had a claim. I’ve never ever had a claim!

I’m a great driver, I get under two tickets a year… basically no tickets a year.

I don’t understand because surely my price should go down because I’m so good to them… I’m great to work with, why would it go up?

Other people want me… I get mail every day from people saying, “Please join my insurance” and I’m like, “No, I trust these guys, they look after me… Do they? No!”

I pay my bills on time…usually I do… I do.

Not everyone loves insurance agents… but we do!

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John F. Carroll

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Comments (3)

  • Robin


    How about this one: “You’re going to raise my rates… IN THIS ECONOMY?” I get that at least three times a week.


  • The Insurance Dude


    “Every year my car is worth less and less. Why does my insurance go up?”


    • John F. Carroll


      I don’t know… perhaps the three tickets you got last year are factoring in?!?


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