31 Video Marketing Strategies and Ideas for Insurance Agents

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video-marketing-tips-insuranceVideo marketing is a huge opportunity for every insurance agent to be more successful?


Video Marketing is Efficient.

According yo the W88 blog, you can record one perfect message for clients and prospects to be delivered 1000s of times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Video Marketing is Consistent

Can every producer in your agency explain the benefits of buying from you in the exact same perfect way? Are they all equally effective? I doubt it.

A video can be.

Video Marketing is Cheap

You don’t need a production crew to create great content.

Easiest Way to Get More Insurance Agency Facebook Post Views

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easy-facebook-trickWant to reach more people on Facebook?

Of course you do, who doesn’t?

I’m going to share a free tactic that’s so easy, so simple, and so obvious I can’t believe every agency on earth isn’t already doing it!

Yet based on my observations, I think the majority of insurance agents on Facebook aren’t.

It’s as easy as pushing a button. Literally.

Ready for the tip? Here it is:

The Insurance Agency First Impression Checklist

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insurance-agency-first-impressionInsurance agents are blind.

Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Compared to someone experiencing it for the first time, we’re all blind to our environment.

I’m sure you notice when things in your agency change,  but when was the last time you looked at your agency through the eyes of someone experiencing it for the first time?

First impressions happen fast, hold incredible weight, and are hard to change.

Within the first 10 seconds, visitors to your agency will generate their answer to the following questions:

YouTube Insurance Marketing Ideas: 10 Funny Insurance Agent Videos

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youtube-marketing-insurance-agentsVideo marketing is expensive.

Video marketing is difficult.

Video marketing is impossible.

False, False, False.

You don’t need to graduate from film school to create a  fun or interesting video to help market your insurance agency.

Here’s 10 insurance agent YouTube videos that will prove that it’s not expensive, it’s not difficult, and it’s far from impossible.

14 Baby Steps to Insurance Agency Greatness

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baby-steps-toward-sales-greatnessBaby steps.

If you’ve seen “What About Bob?” you know what I’m talking about.

It might be just a movie, but I still think Dr. Leo Marvin was on to something. Baby steps are important for anyone trying to make a change, including insurance agents like you.

I’ve seen a lot of agents attempt major improvements in their agency only to fall flat. You and your staff are creatures of habit and when new habits require too much change from current ones – it won’t last.

How to Create the Perfect Insurance Agency Logo

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insurance-logosFriday is guest post day at InsuranceSplash and today’s guest is Avery Manko from The Manko Company.

Do you have a great logo?

I’d be willing to bet that a lot of insurance agents would say that a great insurance logo needs to be “creative” and “memorable”.

While these criteria are true, having a creative and memorable logo for  your agency doesn’t mean that it will look great when it’s reproduced on a printed item.

17 Sales Language Tricks From The Best Insurance Salespeople

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Do you ever think about how the language you use influences your sales?

A lot of folks think you’re either born with persuasive communication skills or you’re not.

I disagree.

I know some folks are naturally better at sales conversation than others but I believe sales is a science that anyone can continue to improve and refine.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to observe hundreds of insurance salespeople in action and wanted to share 17 insurance sales language tricks that I’ve witnessed in use by some of the best insurance salespeople on the planet.

Local SEO For Insurance Agents: Read This First!

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Forget everything you think you know about SEO.

It’s probably not helping.

SEO is complicated. The rules change daily. It’s highly technical. And there’s so much information out there it’s hard to tell what really works. That’s why you need this SEO Agency Sydney to help you out.

The biggest mistake I see agents making is that they hear a few random tips about a specific part of local SEO and think they “get it”.

They don’t, only the best seo company knows how to utilize SEO for better search visibility.

9 Insurance Agent Social Media Tips That Are Total Bull Sh*t

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social-media-mythsThere’s no shortage of “experts” with social media marketing advice for insurance agents.

Too bad most of it is bull sh*t.

And since I see this BS every day I figured it be a good idea to point it out so you don’t step in it.

There’s a lot of reasons for all the bad advice out there, but it’s mostly based on a few bull sh*t assumptions:

10 Tips for Insurance Agents to Improve the Claims Experience

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insurance-claims-agent-supportI used to be an insurance claim adjuster.

There… I admitted it.

I was young and I needed the money.

I adjusted claims before moving into sales and though it was only a few years I learned a lot.

The divide  between agents and claims always bothered me.  I understand there are good reasons to separate them, but can’t we work together for a better overall customer experience?

A claim is the moment of truth.