How to Start an Insurance Agent Blog in 4 Minutes

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start-insurance-blogStarting an insurance blog is easy.

It’s also quick (which I’ll prove below).

Five minutes from right now you could be the proud owner of your own website with:

  • Your domain name (
  • The easiest web publishing system.
  • And exposure to every insurance buyer on earth.

For under 10 bucks a month.

There are two specific groups of InsuranceSplash readers that would especially benefit from starting their own insurance blog:

24 Strategies To Sell As Much Insurance as Possible ASAP

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Every day I get messages like this:

Agent: “John, your marketing ideas are great… unfortunately I need strategies that are easy, cheap, and will sell policies today. What secrets have you been holding back that fit this criteria?”

Me: “Hmmm…I could try to get you a job at the GEICO call center…”

I don’t really say that. I usually try to explain that no worthwhile marketing brings overnight results but that’s good because the harder it is, the greater your competitive advantage if you can execute. (I do believe this).

But this week I thought to myself – why not give ‘em what they want?

At some point every agent needs a few quick sales to make a quota, get a bigger bonus, or keep the doors open. Why not put together a list of ideas for you to reference the next time you have to ask yourself,

“How Can I Sell As Much Insurance As Possible As Soon As Possible?”

For the most part, these are not long-term strategies. You can’t harass your friends, clients, email list, and spouse 100% of the time and be consistently successful. But when you’re in a bind, this list will provide actionable ideas to give yourself the boost you need to make your numbers and get your bonus! (You might want to bookmark this article for later)

Who knows… One idea from this page used at the right time just might make you an extra $10,000 bonus at some point in your career!

Sales Conversation Tips to Get Insurance Prospects to Buy

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Insurance Marketing with John Carroll - PodcastIn this podcast episode of Insurance Marketing I share 17 sales conversation tips you can use to sell more insurance.

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Listen to this episode to find out:

  • The best times to use your prospect’s name during the sales conversation.
  • What to ask instead of “do you have” while collecting quote information.
  • When to break down costs and savings into monthly amounts vs. annual amounts.
  • The question to ask before asking very personal questions.

Slash Your Insurance Marketing Budget With This Secret Weapon

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Can you imagine having your own personal team of graphic artists, web designers, video producers, content creators, actors, translators, comedians, writers, and other marketing professionals at your disposal for 5 bucks?

You do!  It’s one of my secret marketing weapons and you can use it to reduce your insurance marketing budget.

I’m referring to a website called and I’ve been a customer for a couple years now.

Not only is Fiverr fun, it’s very valuable for insurance agents and I want to show you how it works, give you a few ideas to use Fiverr to market your agency, and let you know about a few mistakes I’ve made to save you a few bucks.

I’ve also added a free downloadable bonus video that you can use to market your agency for free with no strings attached!

What is Fiverr?

How to Get Your Contact Info In Your Client’s Phone Instantly

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qr-code-address-book-insuranceGetting your contact information into a client’s cell phone is a huge marketing opportunity for insurance agents.

Clients with your contact info in their phone:

  1. Refer you more since they always have your contact info handy.
  2. Have a better customer experience since they’ll call you before a small problem becomes a big problem.
  3. Buy more lines of insurance because they’ll call you about another coverage before it slips their mind.
  4. Have smoother claims because they’ll be able to reach you throughout the claim process if there’s a concern. (especially right after it happens)
  5. And they renew more because they feel a closer bond with your agency

The customer’s connection with your agency strengthens each time they see your name in their address book right next to the friends and family!

My Top 3 Personal Brand Building Ideas for New Insurance Producers

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I get a lot of great questions from agents. Here’s one I thought a lot of young insurance producers could benefit from:

Hi John,

Hope you are doing well. My name is Ben S. I just started working for an agency in Raleigh, NC doing P+C, Life and Health. This is my first experience in the industry. I have loved reading your marketing ideas and am looking forward to putting some into practice asap. Very practical.

Being 24, I am trying to be creative and ahead of the curve here in Raleigh when it comes to marketing. It’s a big city with a LOT of insurance agents so setting myself apart is key. Luckily I work for an agency with 40+ years experience. I read your article on tips for young producers.

My question is this; considering I am just starting and have very limited resources when it comes to marketing funds, what would be like 3 things you would start doing to set yourself apart?

Cool iPhone Trick for Insurance Agents to Improve Service & Sales

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iphone-contact-share-for-insurance-salesThe easier it is for clients and prospects to contact you the better.


And if all your contact info is stored in their phone that makes it pretty easy.

Also right?

What’s NOT easy is getting a client or prospect to type your information into their address book.

Last night I found a cool feature on my iPhone that can make it dead-simple for insurance agents to get into their client’s cell phones.

It’s not top-secret and you might already know your phone can do this.

But I think this iPhone capability can be incredibly powerful if used right for insurance agents so I wanted to share it with you.

16 Internet Marketing Mistakes Insurance Agents Make On Purpose

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internet-marketing-mistakes-for-insurance-agentsI love mistakes.

Okay, love is a strong word… but mistakes make me smarter so I choose to embrace them.

Fortunately my wife reminds me to embrace them several times a day.

Insurance agents make two types of internet marketing mistakes:

  1. Internet Marketing Errors of Omission – Failing to do something that can help your agency’s online presence.
  2. Internet Marketing Errors of Commission – Going out of your way to hurt your agency’s online presence.

In this article, I’m focusing on the “Errors of Commission” – the things agents do on purpose to get a positive result while actually doing the opposite.

7 Myths & Monsters All Insurance Agents Should Fear

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Special thanks to Dan Weedin for contributing today’s article. Learn more about Mr. Weedin in his bio below this article.


I’ve been working closely with insurance agents as a coach and mentor for the past 8 ½ years and one thing is clear to me.

Agents and brokers are leaving money and clients on the table because they fall victim to 7 insidious myths and monsters that lurk in the bushes.

These monsters have always been hanging around (even when I was selling insurance), yet like zombies, they can change and morph with time and technology (zombies do that, right?).