Customer Reviews for Insurance Agents – Free PDF Download

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online reviews for insurance agents pdfAccording to a recent survey by J.D. Power & Associates over 92% of internet users have used reviews to make a purchase sometime in the last 12 month. That’s pretty much everyone.

Reviews matter.

People don’t have time to waste shopping around or money to lose on a bad service or product. Using the collective experience of a group of people is a great way to speed up your shopping process and avoid getting burned. Why get a referral from one friend with one situation when you can compare the average reviews of 100 people who had 100 different experiences?

How to Hire The Best Insurance Salespeople: 25 Hiring Tips

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hiring-insurance-producers-agentsI’ve worked with hundreds of ridiculously successful insurance agents.

I’ve also worked with lots of bad ones.

For years, I struggled to find one unifying characteristic – one trait or skill that was shared by all the successful agents and absent in the others.

Every time I thought I found it I’d meet another agent who, by his success or failure, would disprove my latest theory.

Until I finally figured it out…

Every successful insurance agent is not a great marketer. They’re not all good conversationalists. They’re not all organized, interesting, or hard-working. They’re not all well-written, well-read, well-mannered or well-spoken.

How to Make Your Insurance Quotes Stand Out – 22 New Ideas

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winning-insurance-quotesIt’s great when shoppers get an insurance quote from you and no one else.

Until you wake up.

This happens occasionally from a referral or networking, but it’s far more common that your quotes are competing with several others for your prospect’s attention.

So how can you make your quotes stand out?

Of course having the lowest price is very helpful – but it’s out of your control and isn’t as vital as you think.

How to Help Prospects See the Value of Life Insurance: 22 Tips

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selling-the-value-of-life-insuranceSelling life insurance is hard.

It’s also necessary.  Because unlike other lines of insurance people are required to buy…

Life insurance must be sold.

Although people can use seniors life insurance finder to find an agent, they can’t buy it on their own because a website or an 800 number can’t replace an agent.

A lot of agents tell me prospects don’t see the value in life insurance. They don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to hear about it.

Of course they don’t!

Insurance Agency Processes: The Agent’s Guide to Productivity

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insurance-agency-processesGood processes are the key to success in your insurance agency.

That’s why I put together a resource with the most important processes for successful insurance agencies.

I’ve included important considerations and helpful resources for each process below.

There’s a lot of information on this page so I also made a few links to help you get around:

Insurance Agency Processes featured on this page:

25 Tips for Training Young or Inexperienced Insurance Agents

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training-new-insurance-agentsWhere were you on Y2K?

I’m not sure where I was (which I’m sure is related to whatever I was drinking) but that’s not important.

I bring it up because that 22 year-old “kid” you just hired at your agency was asleep in bed.

He was in 3rd grade!

He grew up in a different world with different parents instilling different values and expectations. And if you want to get the most out of him, you need to understand how.

10 Email Signature Ideas for Insurance Agents

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I like marketing you never have to think about that happens automatically.

Don’t you?

Your email signature another great opportunity for automated marketing.

If you don’t already know, an email signature is a message that your email system automatically adds to the bottom of every email you send.

Email signatures are traditionally used to prevent you from re-typing your contact information over and over but they present an awesome opportunity for savvy agents like you to put insurance marketing on auto-pilot.

How to Work Insurance Leads: 15 Deadly Sins to Avoid

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insurance-lead-mistakesI’m not a huge fan of internet insurance leads.

They’re expensive, they’re frustrating.

They degrade agents by turning insurance into a commodity.

The renewal rate on sales is lower than other marketing channels.

And of course, the leads are constantly denying that they ever signed up for anything.

(Sure you didn’t…)


Where else can you get the contact information of a complete stranger who is actively shopping for insurance and might buy it from you today?

26 Sales Questions That Help Agents Sell More Car Insurance

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auto-insurance-sales-questionsWhat’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Relax, I’m not selling Thin Mints… (my favorite)

I read a great article from Seth Godin this weekend about how a good question trumps an amazing sales pitch.

Even for Girl Scouts.

He writes:

Most Girl Scouts are taught to memorize a fairly complicated spiel, one that involves introducing themselves, talking in detail about the good work that the Scouts do, and finishing with how the money raised goes for this and for that… This is difficult work even for a professional, but for a kid talking to an adult, it’s frightening and unlikely to lead to a positive experience. The alternative?