The Most Important Question About Your Insurance Agency

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insurance-agent-motivationAbout 7 months ago I watched a presentation by Simon Sinek that changed my perspective about business forever.

In fact, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now if I hadn’t.

It was my inspiration for starting this blog and a number of other projects over the past 7 months that have grown the awareness of my brand, InsuranceSplash, tremendously.

It’s so rare to come across advice that is so simple and profound at the same time.

I just had to share it with you.

Beware the Insurance Agent Success Trap

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Special thanks to Dan Weedin for contributing today’s article. Learn more about Mr. Weedin in his bio below this article.

successful-insurance-agency-problemsSuccess is supposed to be a good thing, right? After all, isn’t that what we all strive to attain? If we work hard, do the right things, and never quit, we will ultimately earn that success we so desperately crave.

The problem is that it’s a trap.

The worst thing that can happen to any insurance professional is that they attain success and get snared by it and lay wasting away in “The Success trap” for the rest of their career. If you’d like to find out how to avoid this fate, keep reading!

Let’s first define exactly what The Success Trap is, so you will know it when you trip over it. My professional coach and mentor, Alan Weiss introduced The Success Trap in his work with solo practitioner consultants. It works the same with insurance professionals. Here is how Alan defines it…

Screen Sharing for Insurance Agency Sales, Service and Productivity

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screen-sharing-insuranceSharing is caring.

At least that’s what my 3 year old likes to say.

I don’t know if she’s right but I haven’t had a bowl of ice cream to myself in months.

This article isn’t about ice cream though, it’s about sharing.

Screen sharing…

I’ve been using a free online tool to share my computer screen with people in other parts of the world and I am so blown away by how easy and quick it is…

I had to share it with you.

Before you get skeptical know this: The free version of the tool is all you’ll ever need and I have absolutely zero connection with this company, other than I really value their tool and think it could come in handy for insurance agents like you.

Easy Trick to Sell Insurance Benefits So That You Can Be Rich

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637 benefits here. Can you name ‘em?

Features Tell, Benefits Sell!

I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. We all have. You can’t be in sales a day without hearing it.

I’m not going to argue whether features or benefits sell insurance or whether it’s price, perceived value, trust, a pretty face, or telling cheesy jokes.  But I know in my heart that you will sell more insurance with language that clearly explains to the prospect what’s in it for them (a.k.a. the benefit).

It sounds easy enough – except that it’s not!

I’ve run countless sales workshops with the standard “write the feature on the left and benefit on the right” and of the agents that get it, only a tiny percentage transfer that skill effectively when talking to live prospects.

So I’d like to teach you the easy trick to force yourself to sell insurance benefits so that you can sell more insurance so that you can make more commissions so that you can be rich so that you can drink mojitos on the beach in the Bahamas every day!

How to Find and Fix Your Insurance Agency’s Biggest Challenges

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insurance-agency-problems-questionnaireAsk your staff.

That’s the main idea here.

Wait… there’s more.

I wanted to make the process effective and easy so I developed a resource and a plan for any insurance agent to use.

I created this plan with three main principles in mind:

  1. Simple solutions to your agency’s biggest problems deliver the best ROI.
  2. Your staff knows A LOT about your agency’s challenges.
  3. Changes in your agency work better with buy-in from the staff.

Insurance Discounts: 14 Ways Agents Can Use Discounts to Sell More

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insurance-discounts-salesCustomers love discounts.

For a long time I didn’t get it, I thought all that mattered was the final price.

Just give ‘em the discounts and that’s it… Right?


My mind completely changed after one sales conversation 5 years ago.

I was listening in on a live phone call of a producer quoting a prospect and throughout the entire conversation the producer just kept talking about discounts.

Discount this, discount that. Discount, discount, discount, over and over…

How to Be a Better Insurance Agent: 24 New Year’s Resolutions

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being-a-better-insurance-agentDo you have any resolutions this year?

Planning to lose weight, quit smoking, or drink less?

How about professionally?

It’s too late to make any changes to last year’s results, but now is a great time to make a decision to start a new habit or process to help your insurance agency be more successful next year.

I’m issuing you a challenge right now:

Choose ONE idea from this list (there’s 24!) and decide today to follow through with it next year.

Symbolic or not, there’s no better time to turn the page and start something new.

Here’s 24 ways to be a better insurance agent this year. Choose one.

Building Sales Leads for A New Insurance Agency

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Hi John,

I am just starting my new career path in the insurance world. I stumbled across your website when researching the job opportunity and have jotted down MANY of your marketing ideas/suggestions that I’m sure I’ll be using. I love the creativity. I know this may be a long shot, but I thought I would reach out to see if perhaps you have some prospecting advice you might be able to give to a newbie…

The agency that I will be selling for opens in February of 2013. Between now and then I’m going through training and have been asked by the Agent to work on a “hot list” of leads. For every 100 qualified leads that I can drum up between now and opening I get paid a nice bonus. Ideally, he wants these leads to be people who are agreeing to allow us to quote their insurance policies as part of our grand opening.

Would you happen to have any suggestions/ideas on the best way for me to round up people for this hot list? Any suggestions would be appreciated! And thanks for keeping up a great resource for people like me!

Erica C.

Hi Erica,

Congratulations on starting a new career and thanks for letting me share your question and my response for everyone to see.

I’ve worked with tons of new agents and I understand how they think. New agents want to put sales on the board ASAP and I can’t blame them – they often have numbers to hit within 90 days and sometimes make higher commissions at the beginning. I get it… but I think it’s to everyone’s benefit here if you consider approaching this differently.

How I Get Smarter Four Hours Every Week and You Can Too!

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The average American spends 50.2 minutes commuting back and forth to work every day. (Source: U.S. Census)

If your commute is typical you’ll waste:

  • 4 hours, 11 minutes next week.
  • 18 hours, 8 minutes next month. 
  • 9 full days, 1 hour, 32 minutes next year!

There’s many things to do while driving (I see them all here in Miami).

Unfortunately, applying eyeshadow, listening to sports talk and chatting on your cell phone will not help you run a better business, sell more insurance, and build a better life for your family.

For the past several years, I’ve been maximizing my car time and my life by turning this wasted time into highly productive time…. How?

15 Social Media Tips to Boost Your Traditional Insurance Marketing

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traditional-insurance-marketing-with-social-media“How can I generate leads from Facebook?”

You can’t.

At least that’s the answer I give to most of the agents that ask me that question on a daily basis.

Let me clarify: You can, but I think it’s the wrong approach.

Using social media to generate leads is like throwing a birthday party for your kid so you can give insurance quotes to the guests.