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screen-sharing-insuranceSharing is caring.

At least that’s what my 3 year old likes to say.

I don’t know if she’s right but I haven’t had a bowl of ice cream to myself in months.

This article isn’t about ice cream though, it’s about sharing.

Screen sharing…

I’ve been using a free online tool to share my computer screen with people in other parts of the world and I am so blown away by how easy and quick it is…

I had to share it with you.

Before you get skeptical know this: The free version of the tool is all you’ll ever need and I have absolutely zero connection with this company, other than I really value their tool and think it could come in handy for insurance agents like you.

It’s called and I’m going to show you how it works and give you a bunch of ideas for using it in your agency.

What is is absolutely the simplest way to let anyone see your computer screen on their computer screen.

That’s it.

(Actually, there are some other functions, but the screen sharing is the main one)

There’s a free and paid version but I don’t think you’d ever need the paid version. To be honest, I don’t even know what it does.

How Join.Me Works

It’s quicker to see how easy it is than to read about it, so I created this 1 minute tutorial that shows you pretty much everything you need to know. It couldn’t be easier or faster.

Click Here if the video doesn’t work

And here’s a brief explanation:

  1. You download a small program from
  2. You open the program.
  3. You’ll see a little box like this with a 9 digit number:join-me-insurance-sales
  4. Tell the other person to go to and type in your 9 digit number.
  5. They can now see your screen live.

There are no logins, no registrations and no complicated software to figure out. The person you’re sharing with doesn’t need to download, setup, or configure anything!

7 Ways You Can Use

1) Sales Presentations

I know many agents who use a powerpoint presentation to guide their sales conversations. (A good tactic in my opinion).

With you could take someone through your presentation over the phone without losing all your powerful visuals and without needing to drive 3 hours to see them!

And since you’re sharing your screen you have full flexibility during the process. You can play YouTube Videos, show your face using your webcam, take the client to other websites and any other resources available on your computer that may support your sale.

2) Host Your Own Webinars 

webinar-salesI know that is not the only webinar software.

But it is the only one I’ve ever used that didn’t suck! You don’t need special links, special software, user registrations or anything else.

Just give up to 250 participants the link to and your 9 digit code and they’re in.

3) Tech Support

Have you ever been on the phone with tech support and you can’t figure out what they’re trying to get you to do?

Hand over the keys and let them fix it. has a feature that lets the person viewing your screen take control of your mouse and do the clicking for you.

“Okay you arrogant nerd, if it’s so easy lets see you do it.”

4) Give Tech Support to Clients

Have you ever wasted 20 minutes on the phone with a client walking them through the process of filing a claim, paying their bill, or doing anything else on your company website?

Not only could you save your time, but it’d be incredible customer service to just share your screen and walk them through the process.

Just be careful or they’ll start calling you every time their PC freezes.

5) Generating Insurance Quotes

Have you ever worked with a client that wanted to watch you fill in all their information as you collected it?

If you’re not afraid of what they may see, you could use to share your screen with prospects on the phone during the information gathering process.

I know it’s a bit unconventional, but you need to stand out somehow. And people like to see the inner workings of companies they do business with. It’s like a behind the scenes tour.

People can see you are taking time to get everything right. It shows you have nothing to hide and you’re getting them every discount possible.

6) Providing Financial Illustrations

financial-illustration-screen-sharingIf you’re using financial forecasting software to show clients their returns over time based on different payment options, showing them your screen while you tweak the numbers can make the experience more interactive.

7) Working Remotely

I don’t think is going to allow you to run a profitable agency while sailing around the world 365 days a year, but if you’re away from the office and need to access your computer it might help.

You could access software that’s only available on your office computer from a laptop on the other side of the planet.

In Summary

I’m sure there are many more ways insurance agents can use a versatile tool like I put together a few to get you thinking but I’m sure you’ll have more. finally makes screen sharing easy and simple enough that it’s time for business owners to take an honest look at how it may be incorporated into their sales and customer service processes.

If you have another idea how to use in your agency, would you share it with everyone else in the comments below?


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John F. Carroll

John F. Carroll is the founder and CEO of InsuranceSplash. For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents. If you're an agent, connect with John on LinkedIn, he wants to connect with you!

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  • Liane


    Thanks for this John! Really appreciate it!


  • james brown


    When I try to sign up for your emails via the “like what you read” box it is not going through. I enter my name and email and click subscribe now but it does nothing…no confirmation to happens to the screen.


    • John F. Carroll


      Hi Mr. Brown,

      Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. It took awhile but the forms should be working now.

      Thank you!!!


  • Anché Fischer


    I would like to know if this have to do with Life Insurance as I am in the personal lines short term insurance industry in South Africa.
    I also do Commercial insurance.
    Will I benefit from this in my industry or is this all about life insurance?


    • John F. Carroll


      The ideas on this page should help any insurance agent regardless of the type of insurance you sell.


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