Slash Your Insurance Marketing Budget With This Secret Weapon

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Can you imagine having your own personal team of graphic artists, web designers, video producers, content creators, actors, translators, comedians, writers, and other marketing professionals at your disposal for 5 bucks?

You do!  It’s one of my secret marketing weapons and you can use it to reduce your insurance marketing budget.

I’m referring to a website called and I’ve been a customer for a couple years now.

Not only is Fiverr fun, it’s very valuable for insurance agents and I want to show you how it works, give you a few ideas to use Fiverr to market your agency, and let you know about a few mistakes I’ve made to save you a few bucks.

I’ve also added a free downloadable bonus video that you can use to market your agency for free with no strings attached!

What is Fiverr? is a website where people offer random services that they’re willing to do for $5. Basically, anyone can sign up for Fiverr and offer anything legal for 5 bucks! Anyone else, like you and me, can use the site to purchase these $5 services and Fiverr handles the money and the communication and it’s super easy to use.

I’ve been using Fiverr for a few years now and personally, I like to use it to make funny videos. Here’s one example:

I had to write the script and edit the video a bit, but this guy really pulled it off!

9 Ways To Use Fiverr for Cheap Insurance Marketing

1) Flyers and Brochures

A typical brochure from a professional graphic artist will run you in the neighborhood of $200-$600, so I just saved you between $195-$595. Make sure you choose a provider with a lot of other positive reviews. For this price, they’re probably using some sort of premade template but if it looks good who cares? It’s 5 bucks!

Typical Graphic Designer Cost: $300 – $5 = $295 Savings!

2) Social Media Page Setup

There are folks on Fiverr that will design a Facebook timeline cover photo for your agency. Or setup your Twitter page so it looks cool like the big brands have. This kind of stuff isn’t really all that hard to do, but it could take you an hour or two and I know a lot of agents who wouldn’t mind dropping $5 to get it done.

Typical Social Media Page Setup Cost: $125 – $5 = $120 Savings!

3) Press Release Writing

Having a stranger write a press release about your business might be a bit scary, and if it is then pay them to make your rough draft and you can fine-tune the details to suit your needs.  Beats staring at a blank piece of paper, right?

Typical Press Release Charge: $100 – $5 = $95 Savings!

4) Customer Video Testimonials

Oops, I slipped another funny one in there on accident. But seriously, there’s a lot of people on Fiverr that will provide realistic video testimonials for you.

If you’re going to use video testimonials to help sell, here’s a tip from my college psychology days: Consumers place greater trust in a testimonial from someone within their demographic.  You could use Fiverr to build a “library” of client testimonials and when you send out a quote via email include a link the Youtube video of a client testimonial of a person that matches the same age and sex as your prospect.

Some agents might feel guilty about using fake reviews. One way to make it better would be to use actual text written by your clients but have the Fiverr actor deliver the message.

You could add these to your website, post them to Facebook or Youtube, etc.

Typical 1 Hour Actor Rate: $100 – $5 = $95 Savings

5) Translation Services

If you’re creating marketing material for a foreign language speaking audience or just coming up with an email script to use when you send quotes and you you’re not confident in writing it yourself, there are many people on Fiverr willing to translate for you in most common languages.

Typical Translation Services: $175 – $5 = $170 Savings

6) Business Cards

Need a business card design to send the printer? Printers often charge around $75 to design the cards for you (and a graphic designer will charge a lot more) but if you show up with a print ready file you’re only paying for cards.

Typical Business Card Design: $75 – $5 = $70 Savings

7) Website Content Writing

Have a blog that just sits there? There’s plenty of people on Fiverr that will write original articles for you. Just like I mentioned with Press Release writing, you might just use their content as a rough draft and then make it your own.

To make sure you’re getting original content, copy a paragraph and paste it into the Google search bar to see if there’s other websites with the same string of words.

Typical 500 Word Article: $95 – $5 = $90 Savings!

8) Banner Ads

Did your chamber of commerce ask for a 300 x 500 banner ad in 72 dpi, jpg format and you don’t know what the heck to do? There’s people on Fiverr that will make it for you.

Typical Graphic Designer Banner Charge: $150 – $5 = $145 Savings!

9) Commercials for your FB Page

Go to Fiverr and you’ll find all kinds of weird and unusual things people are willing to videotape themselves doing for you. Use your creativity and try to tie in one of their “gigs” with a line of insurance and turn it into a facebook “commercial”.

To show you what I mean, I used Fiverr to create this “white-labeled” insurance agent video to promote flood insurance and I’m giving it out for free as a bonus to my readers.

You can post it to your Facebook page as if you created it yourself and no one will know the difference.  Click the link below the video to download the file and then upload it to your Facebook page like you would an image.  Don’t forget to add a comment with your phone number in case the call to action works.


***CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO FILE***  save it to your computer and then post it to Facebook like you would a picture. (it may take a few minutes to upload to FB)

Typical cost to get an actor and cameraman to swim underwater and videotape themselves writing a message for you:

$1,000 – $0 = $1,000 Savings!!!

Some Advice About Fiverr

1 – Don’t buy fake Facebook likes

There’s a bunch of people on Fiverr selling fake facebook likes.  I understand why agents would purchase fake likes and I’ve actually recommended it to agents with a brand new page in the past, but Facebook has been cracking down on this recently and I wouldn’t want to see your account get shut down for something like that. Also, if you want to do any kind of advertising on Facebook in the future it’s just going to mess with your statistics and make you pay more for illegitimate accounts.

2 – Keep expectations in check

After Fiverr takes their cut, the person on the other end of your transaction makes $4. Don’t expect an academy award winning performance or a brand new agency website for $4. Fiverr has some amazing deals, but don’t forget what they cost.

3 – Keep scripts short and sweet.

If you’re going to ask an actor to perform something keep it short and sweet. For $4 they’re not going to memorize a 60 second monologue and deliver it perfectly.

4 – Communicate very clearly

The sellers on Fiverr aren’t going to go back and forth with you 6 times to earn your $4. Be clear with your directions the first time and you’ll be happy with the results. And on a related note, don’t ask for something outside the scope of what they’re selling.

5 – Don’t Buy Website Traffic

There are a bunch of people who promise you thousands of visits to your website. It’s some kind of automated robot doing it and those people aren’t going to buy insurance from you so save your money.

Basically: Don’t buy anything on Fiverr that sounds way too good to be true.

6 – Don’t use testimonials unless they’re good.

If you use Fiverr for a video testimonial and it doesn’t come off as authentic,  DO NOT USE IT! You’ll look 1000 times worse and completely untrustworthy if you do.


I’ve only scratched the surface of how you can use to reduce your insurance marketing budget and hopefully this article will save you $1000 this year.

If you’re creative and go through the site with an open mind I’m sure you’ll have plenty of other ideas. Have fun with it and if you have any questions or thoughts please add them to the comments below!

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