InsuranceSplash Partner Program

This free program is for organizations and companies that want to offer their insurance agents discounts on the best insurance websites.


Why Do Agents Love InsuranceSplash?

easy insurance websites and seo

We Make Everything Easy

Our guiding principle is to make it easy for insurance agents to be successful online. 

We take care of all the technical stuff so agents can focus on selling insurance and taking care of customers.

We search social media accounts for website images, pull content from their old sites, purchase or update domain names, setup email, and everything else we can do for our clients to make their lives easy.



insurance industry experts

We Know The Insurance Business

We work exclusively with insurance agents so we know what they want and have real experience about what really works. 

With a team of several developers building hundreds of websites for insurance agents we're pretty good at understanding what they want before they even need to ask.

Our CEO and all customer-facing staff members are currently licensed or have been licensed to sell insurance.  



beautiful insurance websites

Our Websites Look Great

Responsive, mobile-friendly and beautiful - our websites impress prospects and customers on any device.

With stunning graphics, clean typography, intuitive navigation, conversion-oriented layout and clean modern designs our agents are confident they'll make a great impression on anyone who finds them online.

Don't take our word for it, check out our demo sites.



easy insurance seo for agents

We Customize Everything

Our websites are customized as much as possible so our clients are accurately represented online.

No two agencies are the same and it's the differences that matter most.

Whether we're targeting a specific product, demographic, location or just using pictures of the staff we do everything we can to make our clients' websites a unique representation of their agency.



easy to use insurance websites

Our Sites are Easy to Use

Our websites include an easy-to-use drag-and-drop backend interface so agents can make their own changes anytime.

There's no coding or training required because the backend looks just like the regular site. Agents can change whatever you want right on the page.

Websites are complicated, but making changes doesn't get any easier than this.



great customer support

Free Website Support

We offer full support on our websites so agents don't have to do anything themselves ever.

If an agent wants to make a change they can just email us or submit a request on our support site and we'll take care of it

We handle most change requests within two business days and easy ones are usually completed the same day they're requested.



recommend affordable insurance websites

We Are VERY Affordable

With NO UP FRONT FEES, no contracts and monthly rates any agency can afford our agents have more to spend on their business.

Not only are our monthly rates affordable to an agent with any budget, we don't charge a dime until the agent wants to launch the website so there's ZERO risk in requesting a site from us.

We don't need contracts to get our clients to keep paying us; they want to.



insurance marketing programs to refer to your agents

Effective Marketing Programs

We offer SEO and advertising services built just for insurance so agents can deal with one vendor for everything.

We offer extensive services including PPC management, social media marketing, online reputation management, business directory listing management, review building, link building and a whole lot more.

Packages starting at $99/month.


Why Join the InsuranceSplash Industry Partner Program?

free promotion of your insurance organization

We'll Promote You Too

Our content gets in front of tens of thousands of agents every month and we promote partners who refer clients to us. 

With a website that gets 40,000 visits a month, over 15,000 Facebook followers, a highly rated podcast on iTunes, an active email list with thousands of agents and hundreds of active clients we can help get your message in front of more agents too.

If you can help us grow and you're doing good things for insurance agents we won't have any trouble returning the favor.



get discounts for your members

Discounts For Your Referrals

Increase your perceived value to agents by providing them discounts on our services simply for being referred by you. 

Industry partner program members are eligible to receive a unique discount code to offer agents to save money on our services.

This also helps us track your referrals so we can make sure to return the favor if you're sending a lot of people our direction.



insurance website integration

Improved Service Integration

Work directly with us to facilitate the integration of your services with our websites.

If you offer a product or service that integrates with insurance websites becoming an industry partner of ours will open the door to enhanced and improved coordination between our products.

We have several vendors we work with like this and it makes their services push-button easy for the client.



cobranded content marketing

Exclusive & Co-Branded Content

We'll provide useful content and information to help your agents with all aspects of online marketing.

Looking for valuable content to share with your agents about insurance websites or marketing? We can help with that.

Want to do a mutual webinar? Co-branded ebook? Guest blog post? All of those opportunities and more are available to our industry referral partners.



work with the insurance website experts

Direct Access to Our Team

Want to work with us directly on something that pertains to a mutual client? Our industry partners get top priority.

Our industry referral partners have a direct line of communication with our support staff and management and this can make working on a specific client project much more convenient.

Sometimes things go wrong but we'll go out of our way to protect the reputation our industry partners if a mutual client is having a bad experience for any reason.


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