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Here's what agents are saying about InsuranceSplash:

Over the past 40 plus years of my working career, i have learned many things, especially my last 24 years in the insurance industry. Many vendors have offered me proposals to do my online marketing, new website, SEO (resulting in #1 google search) work and etc.Some of those businesses offered me deals that seemed too good too be true.

John, you know that anything that seems too good to be true is not usually true. Well, John, when I was referred by another company to look over Insurance Splash. I took the time to look over your entire website and afterwards came to the conclusion, that what you offered customers was too good to be true, but was TRUE.. Fortunately, i took a chance with your company and soon found out that your business offers customers a best value package of benefits for every dollar spent.. A good analogy to this would be 'Offering a Cadillac package of benefits for the cost of a Chevrolet"

Ben and your staff did an exceptional job for myself. one of my friends owns a local business and wants a new website. I will strongly recommend Insurance Splash!

- Bill Peterson - Mathews, NC

John and his team at InsuranceSplash are consummate pros. They are always willing to indulge, listen and follow through to make sure your site is to your standards! Keep up the good work.

- Christopher Amato - Cary, NC

I'm starting a new financial insurance business and I was perplexed as to how I would get the type of website I need to service my clients. After trying the InsuranceSplash demo, I was excited about the awesome tools and display the site offered. Once I signed on and I started working with Ben, it has been Heaven ever since. I'm very.... happy I choose InsuranceSplash!!!

- Michael Hooker - Mesquite, TX

My business needed help with a website quickly. The team at Insurance Splash came to my rescue. Not only did they provide me with a beautiful website that compliments my business, but they were very quick and extremely attentive to my business needs. Thank you to the team at Insurance Splash. I couldn't have done it without you!

- Vicki Odaffer - Excelsior Springs, MO

I couldn't be happier with InsuranceSplash. John and the team did an absolutely fantastic job setting up my website. I asked for quite a few changes from the stock templates, and they were all done exactly as I asked. John even went the extra mile on several items, including moving over email accounts and domains. I can't speak highly enough of the team at InsuranceSplash. They saved me endless headache and probably thousands of dollars over hiring a web designer. Well done!! I will be sending others your way, for sure.

- James Jenkins - Addison, TX

John Carroll and his crew are consummate professionals and his integrity is of the highest level. He helped build my website (http://rmi.Insure, if you want to take a look) from concept to finish, patiently and insightfully. This company is impressive and if you're looking for value and have high customer service expectations, Insurance Splash is a keeper. I'm beyond happy that I stumbled upon them.

- Reggie Mares - Chino, CA

InsuranceSplash is a fantastic company. Prior to working with InsuranceSplash and John Carroll, we had used other companies that were more expensive and less professional.

I think what we like best is the ability to format website in a way that meets with our agency's personality. Making updates and changes are easy.

Plus John is always willing to accommodate special requests. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend any agency that is looking to improve their website, and web presence to contact InsuranceSplash.

- Steve Donohue - Nashua NH

I LOVE InsuranceSplash!

Once your website is up and running it is really easy to make changes and posts. To give you an example, I have updated my contact info, content, carrier partners, added blog posts, added press release news posts, changed pictures, moved the order of products, etc. – all of it done in just a few clicks.

For the things that are a little harder John is always available and in my experience rarely charges me extra to help if it is something that he can do quickly and easily.  Again to provide an example, I just (last week) reached out to him to help me add a section onto my website that I tried to do and was a little confused on.  Not only did he tell me how to do, but he did it for me so that I have an example for next time.  Since it only took him a few minutes, he didn’t charge me for it.

He has been with me since day one and helped me figure out domain and Microsoft office resources that were affordable and extremely effective.

He is incredibly responsive and in my research you can’t beat the price.  He also has a ton of content & marketing suggestions (both web/social media based and traditional).

The most important thing for me is that John is a solid business person who genuinely cares about helping you build your business.

- Rachael Rizzi - Las Vegas, NV

I can’t believe you guys existed! I am a new Insurance Agent only been licensed since August of last year but I worked for 2 Allstate Agents and there was no real opportunity for me. So I decided to become an Independent Agent...

I have tell you, the broker I'm working with refers their New Agents to a company called *** to get there website built. Well, it’s not very affordable unless you're rolling in the dough... I found you guys after hours of going through various Google searches and I have already notified the Regional Marketing Director about your Agent Website and I suggested to her that should be a resource for other agents!

You guys are a blessing.

- Andrew Johnson - Las Vegas, NV 

Thanks so much! We've been looking in the backend of the new site and we are impressed! Thank you so much for all your help getting the new site setup. It's been so much easier than we ever expected. And it looks great! Can't wait for my sales guys to start using this in the field.

- Tom Kimbrow - Cleburne, TX

I can't thank you guys enough. Not only did you work with me forever to get our website just right, but every time we've needed help since the site went live you've come through.

I honestly can't believe you don't charge more for everything you do for us. Always fast and usually with incredible ideas I didn't even think of.

- Rick Thoben - Indiannapolis, IN

I want to start off by thanking you for what you do in the insurance industry. You have provided so much valuable information that has helped me succeed in my first year. Every article you write I make sure I print off and read, then I file it and reread it again and again. I spent my last Saturday reading 10 of the articles I found the most beneficial to me. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information because I have truly found how to better use my time and skills in this industry. I wanted to share with you what has happened so far.

I started my own agency with Farmers insurance in Minnesota at the age of 24, I was very excited to start selling and running a small business. I learned very quickly how hard this business is and that my goals I had to hit seemed far off. I had it set in my mind I would do whatever it takes to hit my goals of 160 policies in the first year. I was "that agent" that was calling people, selling on price and buying so much in insurance leads. This past year I spent over $7,000 on Internet leads, and I didn’t close as many as I thought. I stumbled upon your website and I was in awe with all the overwhelming information. The ones that really worked well for me for me where the blogs on Easy tricks to sell benefits, sales language, customer service, strategies to sell as much asap, How to sell on value, boost retention, New year’s resolution, working Internet leads, studying sales, tips for inexperienced agents, hiring, and get a phone call returned.

Your information that you have provided has helped groomed me to be a better professional and use my personality to my highest ability. I started changing the way I did my business and using the information you provided as an advantage. I stopped selling on price 3 months in and started selling on value. I learned to overcome objections and put marketing strategies in place and I rarely buy insurance leads now. I went out and studied books about selling and I am currently reading 7 books now. I changed the whole way I go about my agency. My first year ended with farmers insurance and I was supposed to have 160 polices for my goals. I ended the year with over 300 policies, and 160 of them have been more expensive. I have landed clients that were looking to save money and I ended up closing them and spending anywhere from $300-$2,400 more a year. Yes, that is correct. I closed a policy that was $2,400 more a year. I became one of the top writing agents in the district and I have even declined around 50 policies because I set a standard for my Agency. I will not write someone with state minimum insurance. I take pride in what I do and all the information you have provided saved my agency and has helped me through tough times. I want to thank you again for everything you do and let you know you have changed my life for the better. Thank you for continuing to post valuable information and I look forward to reading more information and growing as a person in sales and being a better business owner. I can't thank you enough for what you do!

- Caleb Conlow - Burnsville, MN

John Carroll does a great job explaining fairly advanced ideas in a simple informative way. I've been an agent for over 15 years and still get great tips and ideas useful for my agency. Keep up the good work John.

- Ivan Gerrity - Erie, CO

I have to tell you that I LOVE your website, it has helped me so much. I am in charge of marketing at my agency, it's a very small off in a small town. I unfortunately have no marketing experience, or knowledge, I am learning as I go. I have already gotten so many ideas and used many of your resources. I believe the only thing that would help me is a Marketing 101 class, something that gives a simple overview of what I should expect, or what I should do as someone who is just beginning.
I appreciate your time, and love your customer service.
- Blanca Andrade - San Francisco, CA

I've recently started blogging more to increase my traffic online. I googled some blogging tips for insurance agencies and came across your website. It's now saved to my favorites. I really appreciate all the helpful info on explanding presence of insurance agencies online and in communities, as well as offering alternative ideas (free ones at that!) for marketing. Reviews online hadn't crossed my mind. Thanks!

- Leslie King - Conroe, TX  

John is a good guy as a person first, yet twice as good as a person who does what he says he will do. He under promises and over delivers everytime!

Jason D. Cass - Centralia, IL

I'm a district sales manager for Erie Insurance and your articles help me in so many ways!! I often share the content to my agency force. 

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your expertise.

- Dana Page - Erie, PA

I just wanted to write to let you know your informational is phenomenal and easy to apply to my daily work routine. I love these emails and really get a lot out of them. You are truly talented! I've only been in the business for two years, but Ive read as much as I can and your information is by far the best and easiet to put into action, especially on the budget of a new agent! Thank you for the information and helping me to become a better agent.

- Whitney Horne - Kennesaw, GA

I just wanted to take a quick minute and tell you that I absolutely love seeing your emails and posts. You have such amazing advice especially for a new Insurance Agent like myself. I came across InsuranceSplash several months ago and I have loved every email yousend out. I hope that others give you the same feedback and please keep it coming!

- Tami Mathews - Milwaukie, OR

You have a really great website and resource for not only insurance agents but any other business to consumer entity.  Thank you for your great articles and advice!

- M. Elizabeth Bridge - St. Lous, MO

You are simply amazing. I mean it!

I am over 60 and though I'm way more tech savvy than most people my age, I am boggled by so many new apps and inventions. You do a wonderful job of making new and complicated things accessible. I am most grateful to you.

- Linda Elliot - Portland, OR