100 Facebook Marketing Tips and Ideas for Insurance Agents

get-facebook-likes-cards1. Severe Weather Alert Post- As their insurance guy or gal, it's important to demonstrate to your clients you genuinely care about their well-being. One great way to do that is to post about pending bad weather. Weather.com has a service that will send you emails automatically to let you know about pending weather danger!

2. Post an Insurance Joke - Here's one you can use: Give an insurance agent a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to sell and he will take a client to lunch and drink like a fish every day.

3. Share a Client Testimonial Video - 19 out of 20 clients aren't going to want anything to do with this idea, but every agency has some customers who love what you do and aren't afraid to say it in front of a camera. Video testimonials are one of the best ways to build your agency's online reputation. Make it easy and valuable by asking them a question with a powerful answer. For example, if they just had a positive claim experience ask if price is the only important factor to compare insurance companies. Use the camera on your cell phone - it doesn't need to be fancy. In fact the more amateurish it looks the more authentic it will feel.

4. Frequent and Interesting Posts - If you fail to engage your audience on Facebook, nothing else on this page is going to work for you- period. If you don't post often, and your Facebook posts are boring, irrelevant, or self-serving, you WILL NOT SUCCEED at Facebook marketing. Fortunately there is an amazing free resource called The Facebook Content Dashboard that gives new content ideas for insurance agents every day. Just set aside 5 minutes 3-5 times a week to visit the site and look for something interesting, educational, funny, amazing etc. and post it to your agency facebook page.

5. Local Community Event Announcement - Every community has events going on throughout the year. When you use Facebook to make people aware of events like the farmers market or the halloween parade, you're not just helping your fans become more engaged in their community, you're helping community organizers get people to their events and they're often great connectors. It's also a great reminder to all your fans that they're supporting a local business by renewing their policies through you.

6. Read the Insurance Website Bible - If you haven't read The Insurance Website Marketing Bible yet you're missing out. It's a FREE book about online insurance marketing for insurance agents and there's an entire chapter devoted to social media & Facebook. If you haven't read it already download your free copy here.

7. Caption Contest - Post a funny picture on your wall and offer a prize to the person who comes up with the best caption. You could go find a silly insurance related picture online, but another option would be to do something in the office yourself and snap a picture. For best results, have a couple of your friends post a few funny captions first to get the ball rolling. No one wants to be the first one to post.

8. Facebook Ads - Facebook ads are the most affordable way to get your agency in front of your target audience. The best way to learn Facebook Ads how to be effective with them is to start running facebook ads yourself as soon as you can. You can also hire a company that specializes in online ad campaigns for insurance agents if you don't want to do it yourself.

insurance-agent-funny-car-accident-post9. Post About Major Traffic Jams - Is there an overturned tractor trailer on the major interstate many of your clients use? If you warn them with a FB post around 4:40pm, you just might be the hero of the day. Make it easy on yourself by signing up for traffic email alerts. Just don't become the traffic reporter on the newsů only post if there's a major holdup.

10. Is It Covered? - Come up with a fictitious scenario about insurance and ask your followers if they think it's covered. Here's a tip though, avoid scenarios that make the insurance company look like a bunch of claim-denying, penny-pinching jerks. You'll get lots of bad comments.

11. Integrate Your Newsletter - Anytime you share something on social media that does particularly well, make sure to share that post in your insurance agency's email newsletter to get more engagement on Facebook. You can link right to the post from your newsletter to get more views, likes and comments and you know it's good content if it already worked on Facebook. Don't forget to encourage people to follow your agency on Facebook in every newsletter you send out too!

12. Charity Quote Contest - Choose a great local cause and early that morning make a Facebook post that you're going to donate a certain amount of money if a certain number of people call for a quote by the end of the day. The key here is to get the charity in on it so they make a post on their Facebook page too! It might help to make a page on your agency website or blog explaining the offer and link directly to that page from Facebook.

13. Try the Likealyzer - The Likealyzer is a free online tool you can use to run an audit on your Facebook page. It gives interesting feedback about what you can change to your page to get more fans and engagement. It's free and only takes a minute to check out.

14. Share News About Local Businesses - If you hear some news related to a local business, tell your fans about it. When the other company finds out that you gave them a shout-out they'll want to pay you back sometime with a referral, renewal, a quote, or a mention on their FB page. It's also a subtle reminder to your fans that you're a local business in their community.

15. Tons of 5 Star Reviews - Facebook is a great place to ask satisfied customers for reviews since everybody already has an account there and it's an excuse to get them to your page following you. It also makes your agency look trustworthy when prospects research you and positive reviews are the best insurance for a negative review you might get in the future. Make a post to your followers asking for a review or use an automated review funnel for insurance agents to guarantee only 5 star reviews.

funny-photo-caption-contest16. Get Clients To Post About You - A lot of agencies I know run referral programs. They often include giving someone a special prize or $5 gift card for referring a friend to get a quote. Why not offer the same $5 to someone who posts on their wall that they just saved $300 on insurance? You'll spend hundreds for an ad in the local paper; don't you think a personal recommendation to 500 people is worth $5?

17. Post a Funny Car Accident Picture - It's not hard to find funny car accident photos online but be careful not to cross the line from funny to tragic. No one wants to open up their Facebook feed and see their insurance agent posting pictures of fiery carnage!

18. Integrated Online Marketing - Facebook is huge because of the number of users and engagement rates but it's important to integrate all your online marketing efforts in order to get the best results. When your website, social media, business listings, SEO, advertising and email marketing all work together to form a unified brand experience you'll get the best results overall. Consider working with an insurance marketing company that offers a complete online marketing package for insurance agents to keep things easier for your agency and get the best results.

19. Link To Facebook From LinkedIn - Your LinkedIn Profile allows three outbound links to any website you choose. Of course you want to have a link to your agency's website, but you should also add one that links to your Facebook page. The more ways people can find it, the better!

20. Movie Quote Contest- Post a quote and see if anyone can guess what movie it's from. It'll be a little more relevant if you choose a movie that has something to do with the time of year or current events but whatever, people like that kind of stuff and interaction with your fans builds your Facebook page strength. Need some help coming up with some popular movie quotes?

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21. Give Vehicle Maintenance Tips - Remind your clients of best practices for keeping your vehicle well maintained and safe. Try not to be too obvious and see if you can come up with something that people have never heard before. Why not call up your local mechanic and ask him for a tip. Then you can mention his business in your post!

22. Always Add Value - With everything you do on Facebook it's important to ask yourself, "Does this provide value to my fans?" Value can mean a lot of different things, but most importantly if you're not giving them something they want, you're going to lose their attention and all the benefits that come with it.

23. Get a Vanity URL - Your URL is the actual webpage address that gets people to your Facebook page. By default, When you create a page in Facebook, they give you a really long URL with lots of numbers in it but you can change it to something much shorter. If you haven't already done it, you can do so right here. By the way, you can only do this once so be classy and stick to using a short combination of your name, your location, your brand, or the word insurance. Do not call it something cheesy like "cheapestinsurancequotes4u"! Click here to do it right now!

facebook-page-insurance-agency-qr-code24. Hold a Caption Contest - Post a funny picture on your wall and offer a prize to the person who comes up with the best caption. You could go find a silly picture on Google, but another option would be to do something in the office yourself and snap a picture. For best results, have a couple of your friends post a few funny captions first to get the ball rolling. No one will want to be the first one.

25. Provide Fire Safety Information - What says insurance agent more than fire safety pamphlet? Little do they know we're also trying to keep our loss-ratio down! Everybody knows the most basic stuff, but I'd look for something that adds more value like an article about safety myths. Here's an example: lightning safety myths

26. Hire a Social Media Expert - There are plenty of companies that offer social media management services right now. With a reasonable monthly fee you can make sure your page is always updated with fresh content, cleaned of any spam or negative comments, and monitored for customer service and sales opportunities. It's a good idea to go with a marketing company who only serves insurance agents.

27. Play the "Which Insurance Pays" Game - Post a scenario that sounds like it could involve more than one insurance company and ask fans to try to decide which one would pay. Here's an example: "Your tree falls on your neighbor's fence, which insurance pays?" You'll have to be careful not to elicit any negative responses and make sure you're 100% confident about the answer. Maybe even get your favorite adjuster to chime in.

28. Upload A Video of a Client Telling a Joke - If you can take a video with your camera or phone, record one of your clients telling a joke. You can give them the joke to read. Keep it very simple. This can be especially entertaining if you can get one of your older customers or a child to deliver the punchline.

29. Like Our Facebook Page - If you've read this far I'm sure you've come across at least a few new ideas that you can implement. In fact, I'm betting that many people reading this have already bookmarked the page so they can come back when they need ideas. Well guess what, on our InsuranceSplash Facebook page we post all kinds of great information just like this all the time. Don't forget to click the Like button.

30. Set Up a Listener Account - This is some James Bond stuff... Want to know what other agents near you are doing on their Facebook page without them knowing it's you? Although this is against Facebook's user policy, if you use another email address to set up a fake user account with Facebook, you can like all your competitors' pages to build a dashboard of content ideas.

facebook-page-insurance-leads-by-phone31. Share Pictures of Clients' New Cars - When a customer comes in to insure their new car, ask if you can take a picture of it and post it to the Facebook page. Because they're proud of it you'll probably get a yes and every time people see pictures of others who buy from you it reinforces their faith that you sell a great product.

32. Email Signature Link - Make sure there's a link to your Facebook page in your email signature. If it's not there you're missing hundreds of opportunities every month to grow your fanbase. I recommend including some benefit of visiting the page within the text.

33. Use Tools - One of the biggest differences between humans and other animals is our ability to use tools. Here at InsuranceSplash we've created a free service that compiles over 100 different news stories, images, cartoons, jokes, quotes, infograpics, and other resources to post to your insurance agency Facebook page every day. It's free and if you don't use it, you're probably a caveman.

34. QR Code Desk Sign - Get one of those clear plastic frames that stand up by themselves on your desk and put a picture of a QR code that points to your facebook page. When people are sitting at your desk, it'll give them something to do and can be a great conversation point. Anyone who uses it and gets to your Facebook page is practically guaranteed to like it at that point. Plus when you speak to customers about the page and they agree to like the page, you can use it to take them right there. Here's a resource for creating a QR code.

35. Post Funny Client Pictures - Be careful not to make fun of anyone, but get your "jokester" clients to make a funny face or pose and snap a shot of it. Once you post it, they're won't be able to stop themselves from sharing with all their friends to show how even at their insurance agency they still can't stop being funny! Not only will they send their friends to see the picture on your page, but you'll also entertain your followers and come off as a fun place to do business with.

36. Explain an Insurance Coverage - Take a few sentences to explain a certain coverage that a lot of people don't understand. This is good because it shows how knowledgeable you are, might make people think twice about their own coverage, and reminds people how important it is to work with a knowledgeable agent. If you can relate the coverage to a current event or interesting local story that's even better.

37. Complete Your Profile - Take advantage of all the different questions Facebook asks you about your business and make sure to include your address, website, and write keyword full descriptions of your business. Make sure you use the exact same address and phone number as you use on your business website and your Google Places Profile. Consistency in those elements are one of the factors that gets you on top of Google rankings. Learn exactly how Google ranks insurance agencies here on our website.

38. Explain an Insurance Law - Explain an interesting insurance law, like no-fault laws, comparative negligence, or what happens if you're in an accident and you don't have insurance. Try to make it short and interesting to the layperson. It'll be more interesting if you can relate it to a story in the news.

39. Ring My Phone Contest - Take a picture of your phone and upload it to Facebook with a comment that says, "This is a picture of my phone, the first person to make it ring and get an insurance quote gets a five dollar gift card!" Include your phone number and give it closure a little while later by posting a picture of you with the phone up to your ear and congratulating the winner.

youtube-facebook-for-insurance40. Fire Detector Battery Reminders - At daylight savings time remind your fans to change the batteries in their smoke detectors. While you're at it, why don't you offer to give out free batteries for the cause to anyone that comes into your office? I'm not sure how many people with accept, but you'll sound like you really care.

41. Get a Like Box - Put a "Like" box on your agency website so it'll be easier for visitors to connect with you on Facebook. There's actually a lot of ways to integrate your Facebook page with your actual website. Check out this Facebook Plugin page for all kinds of cool FB stuff you can add to your site.

42. Share Gas Saving Tips - Right now, everyone loves helpful advice about saving money. Share tips with your clients about how to get more miles per gallon. Encourage your fans to make comments about what they do to save gas. It's usually a good idea to get your friends to start the comment ball rolling.

43. Refer a Friend Page - There's no better time to get people to refer their friends to your agency than when they're sitting on Facebook interacting with them! The key is that you must make it easy for them to do it. Guess what, Facebook has a button you can use on a custom Facebook page that will pop up a little box and allow people to send a referral to their friends right through Facebook. Learn more and see how it works here.

44. Post Local Government News - Let your fans know about local government events. If there's a town meeting or a local election post it to your Facebook page. Even if you're not involved in those things, clients will think you are and will be reminded that they're supporting a local business. You also might find yourself getting more interested in those events and joining in.

45. Give Health Tips - If you come across information about health and longevity that your fans might be interested in share it with them. Let them know that you sell life insurance, but you don't ever want to pay a claim. Ask your fans to share their tips in the comments.

46. Spread the Word About Local Fundraisers - If you hear about any local fundraising events going on you should post them to your FB page. In addition to helping those in need, you can build connections with the various local organizations and will also reinforce the fact that you're a great person and a trustworthy businessperson

47. Agency Employee Bios - Create a custom page that includes a photo and text about all your employees. This will make your agency appear to have a more personal touch, and it will also make your employees feel as valued as they really are to you.

48. First Quotes Contest - Worried that today might be a slow day? Make a post in the morning that you'll give a prize to the first three people to call for a quote. Don't forget to make a post later showing that you actually followed through with the prizes. It'll help you for the next time.

facebook-page-boatowners-insurance-marketing49. Include Contact Info on Cover Photo - If you add your contact info (address, email, phone) as part of your cover photo people will have an easier time contacting you if they get referred to your page on Facebook.

50. Share a Funny Video From Youtube - Let's face it, insurance isn't always the most exciting thing in the world. Everything you do on your Facebook page doesn't have to be about insurance, your office or the community. Every now and then post a Youtube video that you think is hilarious or amazing. Make sure it's clean, non-political, and non-religious.

51. Post Client's Motorcycle Pictures - People that are into motorcycles are generally very into motorcycles. They love looking at them, talking about them, asking questions about them etc. If you have a client ride their bike to your agency, snap a picture of it and post it for the others to see. You'll also remind people about another type of insurance that you sell.

52. Comment on Local Business Posts - If you want a Facebook strategy that really delivers for insurance agents, use Facebook as your business and go to other local business Facebook pages and make comments. Just promise me that you'll keep it 100% positive always. Not only will you make them feel better by getting some interaction, maybe they'll return the favor and people on their FB page can follow your link back to yours!

53. Get More Followers - The more people you can get to like your agency's page, the more opportunity you'll have for engagement and referrals. Read this article for a ton of ideas to get more insurance agency Facebook fans. How many Facebook fans should your insurance agency have? More than you do now.

54. Connect to Your Twitter Account - I'm not personally a big Twitter fan and I think a lot of insurance agents don't really get it. However it's not difficult to set up a Twitter account and link it to your Facebook page. This means anything that you do on Facebook will automatically post to Twitter. Check out this tutorial on setting it up. Just in case you have people that prefer to follow you through Twitter they can do so. It can't hurt.

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55. Wish Everyone a Happy Weekend - Everyone likes to be reminded that the week is almost over. If you're looking for something to say on a Friday afternoon with everyone a happy weekend! Try to use a picture of something that might be relevant to the upcoming weekend like a picture of the beach.

56. Always Have a Comment - If you're going to share an image, link, or video, never just post it. You should always make some kind of comment about it. This is important because Facebook is more about having a conversation than a one-dimensional message. When you make comments on the content you share you'll encourage other clients to make comments too and it reminds people that you're a human with a personality.

57. New Employee Announcements- Just hired a new receptionist, producer, or sales manager? Make a post on the Facebook page with a friendly photo and his or her information, background, interests etc. Take advantage, it might be the last time they let you put their picture on the Facebook page!

58. Ask for Comments - Facebook has a system called Edgerank that determines which posts show up at the top of people's news feeds. Edgerank takes into consideration many things, but one factor that will get your content to the top of everyone's newsfeed is having many comments. Try to ask questions and make comments in such a way that people are encouraged to speak up.

59. Share a Funny Boatowner Claim Picture - doing a search on google can render some pretty funny boat accident pictures. This one might be especially good paired with information about boating safety courses at the beginning of the season. There are also online boating safety courses you could just link to.

facebook-insurance-content-cartoon60. Use Pictures Instead of Just Text - If you're trying to make a simple comment like, "Happy 4th of July", use a picture that says the same thing. You can do a search on Google for images and save one to use. It'll stand out more, get more comments, and show up in more peoples' newsfeeds.

61. Happy Holiday Wishes - Don't forget about all the major holidays, but consider mentioning some of the other ones. Check out this link for holidays on any day. You could even look at the month ahead and put one or two worth mentioning on your calendar.

62. Always Be Positive - This tip is very important. Many people use Facebook as a mental escape from their daily lives. If you consistently deliver messages with a negative or sarcastic tone, people will grow tired of your messages very quickly. Just remember to always be positive and remember sarcasm is often misunderstood in print.

63. Make a Funny Music Video and Share it - Okay, this isn't for everyone, but if you know someone with some decent video editing abilities (try your 11 year old first) it's not hard to lip-sync a funny song. Want a song related to car insurance? Check out this list.

64. Post News About Bad Weather Elsewhere - Selling insurance is about making people accept that bad and unpredictable things do happen. A reminder of a hurricane, tornado or blizzard somewhere else in the country might be just the reminder that they need to plan ahead with the right coverage before they need it. Try not to go too negative, people don't want to feel bad when they're on Facebook.

65. Tell a Joke on Video - Rather than posting a written joke, why not use your digital camera or phone to video yourself giving the delivery. I can almost promise it'll be funnier that way. Here's a tip: Everyone always says jokes are stupid anyway why not choose a really cheesy one and then it'll look like you're making fun of it.

66. Provide Driving Safety Tips - Search online for some good information about safe driving. Try to find information that isn't so obvious like not using your high beams in foggy conditions. While you're at it why don't you link to an online defensive driver class. That should help your clients save money too!

67. Welcome New Customers Publicly - Make a post about a new customer that buys insurance from you. You can try to get them to pose for a smiling picture and write something like, "Welcome to the family!" If they saved a bunch of money make sure the write that! When current customers see new people buying insurance from you it's a confirmation that they should renew their policy. Also, if you've got Facebook fans who don't buy insurance from you, it'll remind them that you've got a great product.

68. Share Insurance Discount Tips - You know that people miss out on insurance discounts all the time when things in their life change and they don't tell you. Remind people how important an annual policy review can be to save money. Get married? Take a defensive driving class? Install a security system? Let us know!

69. Post an Insurance Cartoon - Do a Google image search for "insurance funny cartoon" and you should see many to choose from. Most of the ones you see will be making fun of the insurance companies but that's okay. It'll show you can laugh at yourself.

facebook-page-millions-of-customers70. Facebook PPC Ads - You know why Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire? Because of those little ads you see on the right side of your Facebook page. There's a lot of advantages to Facebook ads, you can target people by their interests, age, sex, zip code, and a ton of other metrics. It's also tricky too because if you don't get high clickthrough rates they won't show your ads. Change your ads frequently read a lot about effective Facebook ad strategy, or just hire professionals who do it for a living.

71. Provide Earthquake or Tornado Safety Information - Just because you don't live in San Francisco or Kansas doesn't mean you can't have one of these disasters. No one can argue with information that's provided with good intentions for their safety. If you can find something that's more intriguing than the standard info you'll be better off.

72. Get Your Buddies to Click Like - Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what news and information shows up in people's newsfeed. If your posts never get any "likes" Facebook considers you to be a bad content provider and they don't show your news to your fans. Don't just ask your friends to "Like" your page, ask them to click the "Like" button every time they see your content.

73. Encourage Friends and Staff to Comment - The more comments your Facebook posts can garner, the more interesting Facebook will think your content is. The more interesting Facebook thinks your content is the longer they show it in your Fan's newsfeed. In addition to the pure help of your friends' comments on your posts, having comments already on the post will make it appear like a more active community and will encourage other commenters who haven't been bribed. People are much less likely to be the first to comment.

74. Post Emergency Info During a Catastrophe - Taking the time to post on Facebook about the FEMA website or roads that are closed will not only be helpful to your fans, you'll also reinforce the idea that you're generally concerned about their well-being. It's not hard, you'll probably be looking for the same information at the time!

75. Share Employee Related Events - If there's something interesting going on in one of your employees lives, make sure to mention it online. Birthdays, new babies, promotions, whatever! It's a great reminder to your employees how important and valued they are to you but it also shows your fans that they're buying insurance from a family, not a company.

76. Guess How Much He Saved Contest - Have a new customer that just saved a boatload of money buying insurance from you? If they're willing to let you take a smiling picture of them, post it to Facebook and ask people to guess how much money he or she saved. Offer some prize for the winner and you can comment "higher" or "lower" to make it more interactive.

facebook-insurance-quotes77. Avoid Politics - Whether you're a republican, democrat, or somewhere in between remember that your Facebook fans are most likely a combination and it can turn really ugly really fast if you make comments that lean in one direction, the other, or even in-between! Remember that everyone buys insurance, even those stupid (insert political party here).

78. Throw a Millionth Customer Celebration - Want to have some fun? Next time you sign up a new client, throw a big party and pretend that their policy holds some symbolic significance. No one will know they're not really the 10,000th new customer and you can post pictures of balloons, champagne, and cake on the Facebook page. If you really want to be devious, you could wait for someone you know has tons of Facebook friends. Make the party a big deal and you know they're going to blab about it to everyone they know!

79. Take a Survey - If you can make a post on Facebook, you can take a survey. Just ask your fans to leave their responses in the comments. Ask something controversial that might get people to share the post with their like-minded peers and try to keep it either insurance-related or locally relevant like: "Do you think there should be a law against driving while talking on a cell phone?" or "Should they install a traffic light here?" Try to upload an interesting picture with your post that grabs peoples' attention.

80. "Like" Other Local Business Pages - If you're not aware, Facebook gives you the ability to like other businesses as your business instead of as yourself. You can go around and like all the other local car dealers, real estate agents, etc. It's also cool because you'll have a news feed to look at that gives you information about the community. Check that newsfeed frequently and like other businesses content. If you're the only one to like their comment, your businesses name will show up right below their comment on your page. It'll say: "John Doe Insurance Likes this" and people on that page can click through to your Facebook page.

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81. Post Q and A Content- Take an insurance question that either gets asked a lot or is frequently misunderstood and answer it. You could even post the question early, ask for responses and then later in the day give the correct answer.

82. Announce New Products - If there's a new product that you think some people might be interested in, let them know about it. Even if it's not new, if a lot of people don't know about it go ahead. Just remember two things. You must present it in a way that sounds interesting to your fans and remember the whole feature/benefit thing. Don't tell them what this product does, tell them what it does for them.

83. Respond to Comments With Tact - Facebook is about generating conversations, not one-sided messaging so I strongly encourage you to make as many comments in response to the comments you get as possible. However you must resist the urge to tear someone a new one if they make a comment you don't like. Respond "with a smile" and everyone else will have more respect for you. Or you could also delete the post and ban them.

84. Share Local Event Pictures - Anytime you're a part of any events within the community, even just as a visitor, you should take pictures and upload them to your Facebook page. Here's a few tips: pictures with people in them are better received, pictures with kids in them are even better, but make sure to ask permission to post someone's picture if they're clearly recognizable. There's a good chance they'll even visit your page to see the picture.

85. Post Local Business Recommendations - If you have a great experience at a local business, go onto Facebook and let people know about it. After you do so, I recommend sending them an email explaining what you just did and encouraging them to take a look. You'll be subtly reminding your fans that you support local businesses and so should they. You'll also make friends with other business owners which will always help.

facebook-motorcycle-insurance-ad86. Have an Agency Dog Day - Have a day in the agency when you encourage people to bring their dogs in. Take a picture of everyone who does and post it to Facebook. Everybody likes a good dog picture!

87. Post Funny Quotes - Everybody likes a good funny quote. Here's one from Woody Allen you're welcome to use: "There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance agent?"

88. Share "On this Day" News - Post some news of an event that happened on this day. Check out on-this-day.com any day of the year for a long list of major news and events on any day. Try to personalize it a bit with a comment of analysis or relevance.

89. Congratulate High School Athletes - Pay attention to the local high school sports teams. It's not hard to find information on the varsity schedules and get game results. I wouldn't overdo it, but you can pay attention to playoff results and huge individual performances. Make sure you give the female athletes as much attention as the boys.

90. Share a Funny Homeowner Claim Photo - You should be able to find some funny pictures of homeowner claims on Google. But remember with any "funny" insurance claim posts you want to be sure they don't elicit negative feelings. It's important that fans of your Facebook page associate your messages with positive feelings.

91. Get Your Facebook Page on Google- If you want your agency's Facebook page to show up in Google search results, it will help if you can get other websites to link to it. This means to add a link on every page of your own site and make sure to include it in online business profiles with websites like: Superpages.com, Yellowpages.com, Yelp, etc. You can also hire an insurance marketing company to manage all these online profiles for you and make sure everything is seamlessly connected.

92. Ask a Riddle - Here's one: "Right now there are two customers and three employees alive and present in our insurance agency. However, if you stopped in you wouldn't see a single person. Why?" You'll have to think about it, but I bet you can figure out the answer.

93. Share a Home Inventory PDF - Post a link to a PDF document people can use to identify all the items in their home or apartment. You can probably find one branded with some of the brands you carry but if you're looking for a generic version you could use something like this.

94. Don't Self-Promote - It never ceases to amaze me how often I see insurance agents over-promoting on Facebook. People on Facebook have a choice to listen to you or turn it off. Why would one person in a thousand actually choose to read your posts if all you ever say is crap like, "Give us a call today for an insurance quote!" If you're not bringing value in the form of entertainment, saving money, or sharing valuable information don't waste your time.

facebook-homeowners-insurance-claim95. Upload Clients' Classic Car Pictures - Post pictures of your clients classic cars to your page and watch what happens. They'll go out and tell all their classic car friends to check it out on your Facebook page. Compared to the average American, classic car owners will have more disposable income and are often traditional-minded types that buy insurance through an agent rather than online. Think those might be good leads?

96. Post Flood News - Flooding is one of those things that no one ever thinks can happen to them and most homeowner's policies don't cover it. If you come across news about flooding in an area that wasn't expecting it, that might a good wake-up call for your insureds.

97. Invite People To Join You - If you're going a local sporting event, a local parade, or just out to lunch at a restaurant in town, tell people where you'll be sitting and encourage them to come join you.

98. Use Facebook In Your Referral Process  - Facebook is a fantastic place for people to refer your agency because when your clients login to Facebook every single person they've ever known is only a click away! Make sure your content strategy includes asking for online and offline referrals. Of course, it doesn't hurt to use an automated referral system like this one so you can build reviews and online referrals for the agency month after month after month.

99. Post Interesting News Articles - Obviously insurance is not the type of topic that Joe Schmoe wants to read about regularly, but I'd argue that your clients would find value in it if you were able to keep them aprised of important and relavent insurance news. Use the Facebook Content Dashboard to identify any news items that are worthy of mass syndication on your FB page.

100. Post a Silly Office Picture - You should always have a digital camera handy in the agency and when things get a little boring, have one of your producers make a funny face or pose. Better yet, have them take the picture and put yourself up there. I strongly recommend using a good caption so that people understand you're joking around. If you can make people laugh, they'll like you, buy from you, and continue to buy from you.

101. Share a Youtube Safety Video - There's tons of videos on Youtube that are straight out of Driver's Education class. Make a post and encourage fans to share the information with a young driver in their life. Or ask them to come up with additional tips for driving safe.

102. Business Cards With Your Facebook Info - I always wonder why nobody uses business cards for anything but business cards. They fit in your pocket perfectly, you can order 1000 of them for $40 and when you hand them to someone they instinctively put it right in their wallet. Get some business cards made with your FB page address and a QR code that takes them right to your welcome page. You can hand them out to clients in your office, people you meet that you want to stay in touch with, or people you take a picture of at an event. Keep it simple and resist the urge to write "Get a Free Quote by callingů". You're handing it out for one reason and if you fill it up with junk it'll soon be in the trash.

103. Share ID Theft Information- Share tips with your audience about preventing and protecting against identify theft. You'll know the people who are interested in information like that will be good prospects for your identity theft coverage.

104. Have Variety - Using a list like this one can keep your content fresh and interesting. If you always post the same type of information people will get bored very fast and so will you. On the other hand if you're constantly doing different things people will be excited to hear what you have to say.

105. Make Your Producers Handle it-If you're a typical insurance agent, your producers are more tech-savvy and Facebook literate than you are. Let them handle it. Just point them in the direction of The Facebook Content Dashboard and have them make updates to the page at a regular interval. With a resource like the dashboard, it shouldn't take too much time.



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