Agent-Friendly Insurance Websites

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We’ve made insurance websites easier for agents.
Easy setup. Easy management. Easy pricing.

$59.99 Per Month - No Setup Fees - No Hidden Fees!

Learn how these insurance websites save your agency time, frustration and money:

Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly insurance web design

Shoppers and customers can visit your site, request quotes and contact you from any device, anywhere.

Search Engine Optimized

search engine optimized insurance website

Insurance shoppers and current clients will find your website when they search for insurance on Google.

SSL Website Security

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Gain trust and credibility with an SSL certificate that helps increase lead generation.

Drag and Drop CMS

easy insurance website cms system

Take control over your website with a drag-and-drop system built for normal people. Watch Demo

Online Quote Forms

insurance quote forms

Generate leads with multiple quote forms and email notifications. Rater integration. See example

Online Customer Service

insurance website with online customer service forms

Reduce in-agency servicing time and satisfy customers with 24/7 customer service. See example

Insurance Product Pages

insurance agent website with content included

Boost search rankings and educate shoppers with content about your products. See example

Social Media Friendly

social media friendly insurance website

Get more followers, more referrals and more exposure with a social media friendly site. See example

Contact Us Page

contact us page with map

More prospects and clients will call, email, or stop by your agency when it's so easy. See example

Insurance Agency Blog

insurance website with blog

Build trust as an industry authority with the easiest-to-use blogging platform available. See example

Client Document Library

downloadable insurance documents for customers

Save time and impress your clients with a customizable document library on your website. See Example

Agency News Page

insurance agency news udpates

Leverage your local presence with the latest updates about your agency in the community . See example

Ready in 72 Hours

fast insurance website design

Save valuable time replacing your existing site or launching a brand new one in under 72 hours!*

Staff Photo Gallery

agency staff photo gallery

Personalize your site and build trust with your visitors. Swap out images in seconds. See Example

No Long-Term Contracts

no long term contracts

You don't have to sign away your life to us. You'll be happy working with us month after month.

Website Backend Demo Video

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See how easy it is to update your own site with our system. You'll be able to swap any image, re-write any text, create links, write blogs, and much more! Watch on YouTube


The Setup & Launch Process Couldn't Be Easier:

1) Fill Out a Form

insurance site builder form

Fill out a one page form about your agency. It takes about 5 minutes.

2) We Build Your Site

insurance web design process

We'll build your agency a custom website to review in 2 business days.

3) We Adjust The Site

insurance web design customization

Give us feedback and we'll make whatever adjustments you ask for.

4) Pay and Launch

insurance website with no contract

When you're ready, pay the first month's bill and we'll launch.


Our websites are easy to update yourself but we'll always be there to help. No extra charge.

insurance website with free customer support

Customer Support Included:

  • 24/7 Website support ticket system so you can request help from us at any time.
  • Phone support during regular weekday office hours if you need to discuss something.
  • Over 40 online tutorials for the most common website edits so you can do it yourself.
  • 3 Hours/month of website customizations so you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

Check out our Client Support Center to learn more.


Get Free Installation and Setup When You Choose One of Our Six Pre-Designed Layouts:

(Colors, images, products & other content will all be customized for your agency.)


insurance website template - prime



insurance website template - archer



insurance website template - flex



insurance website template - united



insurance website template - edge



insurance website template - clearview



Ready to Take The Next Step?

Yes, I'm ready for a new website:


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insurance website with no setup fees, no contract, no hidden fees and more benefits

Want Help Getting Traffic? We do that too!

Search Engine Optimization Services

insurance agency website demo video client view

With multiple search engine optimization packages we have services to meet the unique needs of your growing agency. Starting at $99/month. Learn More

The Insurance Website Marketing Bible

insurance agency website marketing ebook

The Insurance Website Marketing Bible from InsuranceSplash, is the perfect guide for SEO, Social Media, Online Reviews, Advertising, Lead Gen for insurance agents!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

$59.99 per month. No setup fees. No hidden costs.

On occasion we do charge extra if an agent needs complex custom programming or help with a large project that is going to take us several hours but that's VERY rare.

If an agent uses any third-party services from other companies with their website they could incur additional fees but that's between the agent and the other company. Examples include online raters, email accounts, online chat services, email marketing services.

How does the setup process work?

  • Step 1: You click the orange "Sign Up" button on this webpage and fill out the information form. (10 minutes)
  • Step 2: We build a "first-draft" version of your website and send you a link to view it. (2 business days)
  • Step 3: You provide feedback and we adjust the site until you approve it.
  • Step 4: We send the first month's invoice ($59.99) and launch the site as soon as it's paid.
The whole process usually takes 2-5 days. We move fast - Hope you don't mind. ;)

Do you guys offer marketing/SEO services for the website?

Yes we do.

Although our websites are built extremely well optimized for Google to begin with, we offer additional online promotion packages that include the perfect combination citation building, content creation, social media, and other online promotion techniques to get your website out there in front of as many people as possible.

Small/Medium Agencies

local seo for small insurance agencies

• Google Local Optimization
• Be Found Everywhere
• Online Reputation Builder

local seo services for new insurance agents

Starts at $99/month

Medium/Large Agencies

seo services for multi-location insurance agencies

• Includes Local SEO Pack
• Content Marketing
• Email Newsletter

large insurance agency seo services

Starts at $299/month

No Physical Location

insurance website seo

• Google Optimization
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Marketing

seo for insurance websites

Starts at $199/month

Check out our Insurance SEO Services Page to learn more.

What's the catch? Other insurance website vendors charge setup fees and higher per month fees without the free support...

There is no catch. No hidden fees. We're profitable and can't speak for the competition.

We've spent a lot of time streamlining our processes for building sites and our website management system is so easy we don't have much customer service work after our sites go live. We will raise prices for new websites in the future but your monthly rate will never change from the day you sign up with us.

Bet you wish you could tell your clients that. ;)

I already have a domain and email, do I need to change it?

No. 99 times out of 100, we can launch a website without transferring the domain name or interfering with existing email in any way. As long as you can get us access to the domain account we'll take care of everything.

The most common scenario when this becomes an issue is if your current insurance website provider controls your domain name and won't allow you to control where it points to. In these cases we'll work with you to transfer ownership of the domain to a new account where it'll be under your control. We'll take care of everything for you if you want. 

I don't have a domain name. Is that a problem?

No problem. We'll acquire it for you and if you ever want control of the domain from us we'll gladly transfer it to you.

Do you offer email accounts?

Not directly. But for no additional fees we'll help you get setup with an email system from Gmail, Outlook, or any other third-party email service you'd like to use. We recommend Google email because it's the easiest, the most reliable, and has the best SPAM filters. 

We also have free email services available that we setup many clients with. 

What is included with the free setup and customization?

  • Change the design's color scheme to match your preference.
  • Remove any mentions of products and services you don't offer.
  • Upload all your carrier logos with links to the carrier websites.
  • Add your agency logo (if you have one) at the top.
  • Sync up the website with your online rater (if you have one).
  • Replace all agency contact information site-wide with your own.
  • Remove any pages or sections you don't want (blog, news, staff photo gallery, etc.).
  • Update all social media links to your agency's social media pages.
  • Adjust all maps to display your physical location or city center.
  • Replace images anywhere on website with images provided by you.
  • Program all quote, service, and contact forms to send automatic notifications to your email.
  • Customize SEO-related meta-tags to target your physical location and products.
  • And pretty much anything else you want that doesn't take custom programming

What is NOT included with the free setup and customization?

  • Transferring more than 20 pages of content from your current site. ($5/page)
  • Custom development and programming.($75/hour)
We believe very strongly in NO HIDDEN FEES and NO SURPRISES. If you request any customizations that warrant additional fees we'll let you know in advance.

Can I have custom colors on my website?

Of course. We can make anything on your site any color you want. We'll usually try to match website colors with your logo but we're flexible.

What will I be able to edit myself after the site goes live?

We'll do all the work of building your new site and will still make any changes you want after the site goes live. 

But if you want, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to do all of the following without knowing any computer code:
  • Replace/Delete/Add any pictures
  • Rewrite/Delete/Add any text
  • Add/Delete pages
  • Add/remove/change any links
  • Reorganize menu
  • Publish blog posts
  • Change the layout of the content area of any page
  • Add or remove carriers
  • Change your logo
  • Upload videos or embed from Youtube
  • Put custom HTML code anywhere in the main content area
  • Edit the questions in the quote forms
  • Edit the map
  • Edit individual page title tags for SEO
  • Edit individual page meta-description tags for SEO
  • Edit individual page meta-keyword tags for SEO
  • Add alt text to images for SEO
  • Add code to the header or footer of any page.
  • And much MUCH more...

There are a few things you can't do yourself (but we can do for you)

  • Change the design colors
  • Change the default fonts
  • Change the design template


Do I have to do all the website updates myself? Or can you guys help?

It's up to you. :)

Our website system is so easy you'll be able to update practically anything yourself, but you don't have to. 

We're happy to step in and help with things you can't do, or don't want to do. If you need us to do something that'll take several hours we may charge a nominal extra fee, but for the most part we love helping clients for free!

What if I need help making a change to the site?

No problem - We'll help you. Just because you CAN update it yourself doesn't mean you're on your own. We help our clients make changes to their websites every day!

How long does it usually take for website updates to be made?

1-2 Business days. Unless it's a particularly large project that we need to block off a large amount of time for. 

We often make simple website updates in the same day but almost always within 2 business days. If it's an emergency, we'll have it fixed even sooner. :)

What does it mean that the website is search engine optimized? (SEO)

Here's a list of some the SEO related features on our websites:
Optimized Title Tags - every page on the site has a unique title tag that was written using the most popular keywords for that type of product or service using search volume statistics from Google's Adwords tool.
Meta Descriptions - These are invisible on the site but they show up on Google as the text below the link in the search results. We've written individual meta descriptions for every page to entice the Google user to click through to the site.
Physical Address Optimization - We use your USPS verified address on every page of the site in a place that it's clearly visible to Google Spiders so google knows you are the business they think you are. 
Regional Customization - We input regional location words into strategic locations within the visible parts of the website everyone can see and the hidden code parts that Google looks at. We do this in a way that's clear to Google and not overdone for the reader.
WWW Redirection - Our websites redirect to the www version so there's no duplicate content penalties from Google
Optimized Image Alt Text - we use Alt Text associated with images on every page of our sites to provide more keywords relevant to the product that page is trying to rank for.
Insurance Carriers - We list every carrier our agents work with and include a link to their website to improve the agency's ability to rank for people search for a "progressive agent" etc.
Site Structure - Our sites have a very clear hierarchy of pages with the main pages going across the top of the menu and subpages below it. The more clear it is to Google about how your site works the better you'll rank.
Mobile-friendly - Our websites display a mobile-friendly version of each individual page that matches exactly the content on the desktop page. This is Google's preferred method for mobile sites.
Clean Links - We don't use any links that can't be followed by Google's spider robots within the site. 
Webpage Speed - Our websites load in under 4 seconds. It could always be better but that's quick enough to avoid penalties from Google.
Social Media Connections - By linking your site with your social media networks, it provides a clear picture to Google of both your website's footprint but also your social media footprint. If this is large it can help your SEO
Business Hours - Google is more likely to show your business in search results when they can confirm that the operating hours of your agency they have in your business profile matches what's on your website.
Dynamic Sitemap XML file - This is a file your site comes with that only the Google Robots can read. It tells them all the different pages of your site so they know where to look and this file will update if you add new pages. 
Driving Directions on Mobile Site - One thing Google looks at to determine the popularity of your business is the number of people who search for driving directions to get there. By putting it on the mobile site we can effect user behavior and send positive signals to Google.
Robots.txt file - This file tells Google they are free to search through the site. Whether this really helps SEO is questionable, but Google has said they like it and it certainly doesn't hurt.

Can you build the site using pictures of people who match my target audience?

Of course. The people on your website should look like your target customers, right?

We can't change ALL the pictures EVERYWHERE and still offer free setup, but we will replace homepage images and pictures on the most popular pages of the site (Contact us, About Us, etc) with those that match your target audience. We've found doing that gives the site a completely different feel.

If you want to switch out every picture on every page that's cool with us too.  We'll do it for free if you provide the images or if you want us to we may need to charge an "image finding" fee and pass on the out-of-pocket royalty fees to you.

Once the website goes live you'll also be able to replace just about any picture you want by yourself.

We've built sites targeting practically any race, age group, and industry you can imagine.  :)

Do I need to have a blog on my site?

Of course not.

You can add or remove any pages to the site you want to and if you let us know you don't want something we'll remove it before the site is even launched.

Can you add additional insurance carriers to the site?

Of course.

As part of your setup, we'll add your additional carriers including finding the logos and adding links to their websites. And after the site goes live you'll be able to add new carriers or remove old ones any time. (and if you need help doing it we'll be happy to help)

What happens to the information people fill out in quote or service forms?

It gets emailed right to you immediately and will be stored in the admin section of the site in case you lose the original email.

Will my website have an SSL?

Yes, your website includes an SSL at no additional charge. With the SSL your site will appear with an "https://" in front of it.

Are all the images on the website royalty-free? Who is liabile if there's a copyright dispute?

We only use images on our client websites that are:
  1. Stock photos for which we've purchased the legal rights to use and can prove it any time.
  2. Royalty-free images like Wikimedia Commons.
  3. Images that have been provided to us by the client. We assume our clients have legal rights to any images they provide to us for use on their website.
Because we can't control what images our clients upload to their own websites, we are only liable for the legal use of images we source and put on the site.

What if I have multiple locations?

We work with multi-location agencies all the time. It's no problem for us.

The approach we take depends on how many locations there are, whether all locations deserve equal prominence, and the agent's preference. 

We'll figure something out. :)