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easy-facebook-trickWant to reach more people on Facebook?

Of course you do, who doesn’t?

I’m going to share a free tactic that’s so easy, so simple, and so obvious I can’t believe every agency on earth isn’t already doing it!

Yet based on my observations, I think the majority of insurance agents on Facebook aren’t.

It’s as easy as pushing a button. Literally.

Ready for the tip? Here it is:

Get your staff to click “like”, comment on, share, and engage with your agency’s Facebook posts using their personal Facebook accounts.

I told you it was simple.

There’s no reason why an agency with several employees should go months without getting a like on their Facebook posts!

Here’s the #1 reason to do it:

It Helps Your Post With The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

Facebook only wants to show the best stuff in everyone’s newsfeed. (they need to in order to stay in business.) A major way they determine the best stuff is by the percentage of people who engage with it.

If your post doesn’t get any engagement from the first few people that see it, Facebook will bury it.

On the other hand, if 5 of the first 20 people who see your post click the “like” button, comment, or share it, Facebook will show it to many more people.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s Facebook’s explanation:


Five More Reasons to Use This Technique:

1) To Build Social Proof

When people see that your post already has a few likes they’re more likely to engage with it themselves and will see your agency as more successful overall.

2) To Get the Ball Rolling

The first like or comment is the hardest to get because there’s a psychological barrier to being the first. Your followers are more likely to click the like button when some other people already have.

3) It Spreads Your Content Further

When your staff clicks the like button or comments on your post, a story about their engagement immediately becomes available to their personal connections on Facebook.

4) It Spreads Your Content Longer

When someone in your agency engages with an older post, Facebook may bump up the post and show it to more people, even long after it was originally published.

5) It Makes You Not Look Pathetic

When I visit an insurance agency’s Facebook page and see post after post after post with ZERO engagement it looks like nobody cares what you have to say.

And if you can’t get your own staff to engage with your Facebook posts, why would anyone else?

What Qualifies as Engagement?

  1. Clicking the “like” button.
  2. Making a comment.
  3. Sharing the post (on their own newsfeed or even with just one other person)
  4. Clicking on an image (to make it bigger)
  5. Clicking on a link to an external website (and not clicking right back to the newsfeed immediately)

But Wait, I Thought It Wasn’t Cool to Click “Like” On Your Own Posts…

It’s not.

That’s why your staff and you should do it using personal FB accounts, not as your agency’s Facebook page.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an employee of a small business clicking “like” on their company’s Facebook posts.

(By the way, if you want to engage with a post as your personal self while on your agency’s FB page, look for the link at the top of the page to switch who you’re posting as. Here’s a screenshot)


A Few Extra Tips…

  • Vary Your Engagement a Bit – It will look more natural to Facebook and users if you vary the behavior a bit. Comment sometimes, “like” other times, share other times, and use different combinations of engagements over time. It’s going to look suspicious if every post on your page has exactly 4 likes from the same people.
  • Only Use Real Active Facebook Accounts – Don’t setup 20 fake accounts just to get more likes on your posts because Facebook will spot this and you could get in trouble. Use real active accounts that engage with more than just your agency’s page.
  • Get a few quick engagements on your best material – If you share something that you expect to get lots of engagement on, get your staff to engage with it right away to make sure it doesn’t get flagged as a low-engagement post and get buried right out of the gate.
  • Get Your Friends and Family Involved – It doesn’t have to just be your staff. Ask your friends and family to engage with your posts whenever they see them.
  • You Can’t Polish a Turd - A few likes on content that isn’t interesting to begin with isn’t going to make it go viral. This technique adds fuel to the fire but there needs to be something to burn.
  • This works today - but Facebook is always changing and may say not to do this kind of stuff sometime in the future. I doubt that a few likes and comments from the same people on small business Facebook page will ever be a major issue because it’s normal behavior but you have to keep your ear to the ground with Facebook.

Here’s What To Do Next:

  1. Give it a try – Pay attention to how many people are reached when you seed a post with a few likes compared to when you don’t.
  2. Click The Like Button - If you like simple and actionable tips like this click the like button on this article so I know.
  3. Share It – If you know another agent who complains about Facebook engagement share a link to this article with them.

Hope this helps,

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